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I think I need help.

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  • I think I need help.

    Seriously, I think I have a problem. The obsessive compulsive nature runs in our family and I know mine is with woodworking. Especially when it comes to lumber itself. I might have more boards in my shop then some lumber yards. When I go to our local lumber yard, I might be going for a couple of boards of white oak. But I leave with the white oak, and 7 other boards that I could not pass up because of their beauty.
    When I get down to say 3 gross of FD blades I have to order like 5 more gross.
    After I received the last order from Mike, I counted how many blades I have here.
    1450 blades of just my favorites, FD Polar #5's.
    This hobby has become my addiction, passion, escape, and great joy all rolled into 1.
    Anyone else have this problem? I doubt I am alone with this.

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    Welcome to my world!


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      Care to elaborate Janette?

      Obviously I have been this way for a long time. It did not happen overnight.
      I guess I am just accepting it more now. I had been in DeNile for a long time.


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        OC behavior? What OC behavior? I call it being frugal. I even keep small scraps of thin plywood, about 3" x 3" and use them for ornaments when I get a chance. Forget about the larger boards. If I even mention that I am going to the lumber yard or that I am running low (down to my last two or three) on some thin stock and need to order some, my wife has a canary. I then have to cut something just for her.

        A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

        delta 650, hawk G426


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          As long as your not offered a spot on the TV show Hoarders, you're good.


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            I have been saving the inside of the drawers I cut from the bandsaw boxes I make...have used some, but will never use all of them...but they have a place in my shop...along with all the other wood....never have enough wood


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