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  • Lost Pattern

    Does anyone remember where this pattern came from? Somehow it got left behind in move and estate sale. Thought I would make it again. Will write to several places. thank you for your help. Pat B
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    a very nice pattern,
    could you pllease let me know where i can get it.
    not doing much
    and busy doing it

    having fun making sawdust.


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      Pat, it looks like it may have came from "" He has a lot of very old patterns. Also a free pattern section. I didn't look at all patterns as I have dial-up. Do a search for fine scroll saw free patterns. Hope this helps.


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        I agree with Fran. My immediate impression was that this was one of the patterns that Pedro over in Spain has at his sight Scroll saw patterns - fretwork

        I'd look through his stuff.
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          Am familiar with Pedro's site, but this is not one of his. I really believe it looks like a Berry Basket pattern. Have emailed the new owner, but haven't heard back yet.
          May not worry about this; so many patterns out there.
          Thank you all for your help.
          Pat B



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            this post should be in one of the regular scroll forums and not off topic.
            i think a lot of hard core scrolling members dont view off topic much?

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              You are probably right, but the pattern has been located. Hope I don't have to bother everyone with that sort of thing again.
              Pat B


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