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  • shopnotes volume 115

    Does anyone know where i can buy a back issue for this issue?
    ive been to their website and cant seem to find one.

    if anyone has this issue and would like to sell theirs i would be interested in buying it.

    thanks in advance


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    There are a few legal way:

    #1 on my list would be to contact the publisher ShopNotes Magazine - Woodworking Plans, Tips and Videos

    #2 See if anyone here will give or sell you their copy.

    #3 See if anyone is selling it on Ebay
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      If you know the pattern you want, it's probably available on the link Scott provided. Look around for patterns.

      They have one pattern and one video from that issue on their site:

      Expert woodworking tips, techniques, inspiration and more for woodworkers of any skill level.

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        ive been to the shopnotes website but couldnt find how to order back issues. i guess ill have to drop an email and see if i get a response

        thanks all



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          Would this be the one your after?
          January 2011 - Issue 115


          Milling Machine Patterns and Setup

          Router Milling Machine Video
          Someone say tool or lumber sale I am out of here


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            Or you might try this route and contact them,
            Contact Us

            We will be happy to answer your questions.
            If you wish to submit a woodworking tip, please use our online form.
            (* denotes required fields)

            *Email Address:
            If you are contacting us about your subscription, we need your mailing address to help you.
            ZIP Code:
            Daytime Phone (Optional):
            *Your Message:

            Use the on-line forum to contact them.
            Someone say tool or lumber sale I am out of here


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              Your local library might have a copy.

              If you need a tool and don't buy it, you will pay for it and not have it


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                It isn't enough to just get that back issue if you're interested in the milling machine. The magazine had several errors and the publisher produced errata sheets and full sized patterns several months after the mag came out. You will need those. Contact the publisher to order the back issue and specify that you also want the errata. and the supplementary comments from the editor.


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