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  • Living with earthquakes

    For those who read Jim's account of being shaken awake and have an interest in earthquakes might be interested in this link. My city, Christchurch, New Zealand, has had a series of bad earthquakes which trashed some parts of the city. Our CBD is still fenced off as about 800 medium and high rise buildings have been trashed or given demolition orders. Demolition work also started yesterday on 5,000 residences in the worst areas. Some houses are only 4 - 5 years old. Anyway, for those who like Living With Wolves, here is Living With Earthquakes - with aftershocks now expected to reach 10-thousand shakes this week :+) So many shakes the Geology Dept gave us our own website.
    Canterbury Quake Live
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    There is no doubt you folks are really getting shaken....that is allot o after shakes.


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      Magic, hard to imagine living through an earthquake. I will take the occasional snow storm that we get here in southern Wisconsin. I guess there have been some minor quakes but nothing that I have ever felt. Old Mother Nature has been having her way the last year or two all over the world. Hope you are in a safe area of your city.
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