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  • Trend system has arrive

    Received the new Trend airshield pro yesterday. Amazon said two days it showed up about 6:00PM...discounted the price and few two day shipping.

    It takes about 24 hours to first charge the battery and I also bought a 2nd battery I will do the same. It says recharge time is 14 hours...seems a bit long, but I have the 2 batteries, so it should not be a problem. Seems to be built very well. Odd having something set on your head, but once the battery is charged and air flow is working, perhaps it won't be bad wearing...learn curve I"m sure.
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    OK, I won't make any Darth Vadar jokes.

    Larry, if this does the job, and lets you continue enjoying your woodworking safely, it's worth the cost and discomfort. Keep us posted on your progress (and post pix of you in your new gear).

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      Gee Carole,
      I was just about to say, "Luke, I am your Father. Search your heart. You know it to be true".

      I guess nothing will keep a scroller down...
      Good for you. Let us know how it works for you...

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        Yea I thought the jokes would start soon...and you are correct...does look like Star Wars all over again. I'm sure I will be bumping into everything and have to learn how tight to tighten the head band so it doesn't squeeze you head off and still be tight enough on the head. But being able to have clear breathing doesn't not seem to be a problem.


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          I know several turners that wear them all the time (while turning and sanding). They swear by them. They told me it took about a week to get used to it.
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            Just as an aside there is an interesting air supplied respirator just come on the market from Australia
            CleanSpace - the world's smallest powered air respirator


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              Kiwi, that looks like something I would like a lot. Thanks for the link.
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                I've recently been diagnosed with sleep apenea. I am thinking about building a filter box for my cpap machine, and using it when I scroll to help me get used to wearing it. Does anyone know any reason not to? The mask seals well even with my full beard and facial hair.

                I just won't be able to blow the dust with my mouth anymore.
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                  Anyone have other information on the CleanSpace respirator?


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                    This looks like a very nice respirator for sure. I wonder if it is available in the us yet



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                      The wife allowed me a little shop time yesterday.. Of course I had to wear the Trend Pro while I was out there. Came to find out it will be a bit of learning curve. Just have to remember to put it on. A little noise, but then I am hard of hearing anyway. I did not smell and of the saw dust nor any of the Poly I was coating with. The unit does set pretty good on your head...just make a bit tighter around the top of your head...did not seem like it would fall off when I bent over. Of course I was only in there a little bit. With out the cooling fan It would be very warm..but with it, I had a little sweat but not much.


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                        Darn it Larry! - The Star Wars crowd beat me to it ,
                        so I'll just say that as an aging Brit ex biker (Triumph Bonneville and Norton Commando) that helmet looks a darn sight more snazzier than my original headgear used to look!

                        Hope it does its job for you pal and you are soon back to just raising dust instead of raising and swallowing it!
                        Jim in Mexico

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                          Hey Larry - I'm not sure if I would want to go snorkeling in my workshop but for dealing with nasty solvents and without the need for the noise of a motor upsetting you here's another breather from down under with a very amusing sales pitch video. And yep, being bearded is no problem for this one

                          Gill's Breather - YouTube
                          Jim in Mexico

                          Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                          - Albert Einstein


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                            That is awesome too bad it is not available ...yet.

                            Larry glad it is working for you.
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