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  • Complicated surgery

    Feb.1, I am having a complicated surgery done called a "whipple". I have a cyst at the head of my pancreas, after a biopsy the Dr. says it will turn cancerous if he doesn't remove it. He will remove about 1/3 of my pancreas, my spleen, a chunk of my bowel and maybe part of my stomach. 6 hour surgery, 1 to 2 days in the ICU and 11 to 13 days in the hospital. I have spent more time in waiting rooms the last few weeks than at home. 2 CT scans, a MRI and they went down my throat with a scope and camera. My daughter is a nurse in Anchorage, AK and is coming home for 5 weeks. I will have good care when I return from the hospital. Not really looking forward to this. Hopefully all will go well.
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    My best wishes for you Mick that this is not too arduous and you heal rapidly. Do keep us posted, we care.
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      Mick we will say a prayer for you. I hope all goes well and be a good patient and listen to your daughter. As Mike said keep us posted.
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        Mick, I had about 1/2 of that operation about 13 years ago and a friend of ours went though it a few months ago and everything came out just fine. I know the recovery time is not looked forward to, but I'll bet you feel much better once it all gone...You will be in our prayers


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          Mick, let me add my hopes that all goes well with your latest hurdle. It sounds like you will be in good hands, before and after the procedure, and if this prevents a worse development from occurring, it will be worth the pain and discomfort.

          Please keep us up to date when you are able. You're fortunate to have family to stand by you and help see you through this. We all look forward to your recovery.

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            Hi Mick,

            This is my first post since the beginning of Dec. I had major surgery, 7 1/2 hours and I am very slowly regaining my strength. I went in for surgery on 2 hernias but they found that part of my upper bowel was being strangulated and that led to many problems. With help from my INCREDIBLE wife, I am slowly regaining my strength, she walks with me for about a mile a day and then takes me home and makes sure I rest. The doctor says that within a month I may be able to try some small pieces on the saw.

            I know you will come out of this a healthier man, and I hope you have a lot more patience then I had.

            God Bless you. BE WELL
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              Best wishes and prayers sent for your upcoming surgery, recovery and back at the saw asap.
              Thanks for sharing, you know your scrolling family is right here for ya Mick.
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                G'Day Mick

                All good thoughts your way from the other side of the pond. I'm sure all will go well.



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                  Mick, hugs and prayers from me to you. I know you'll do well through this and will be making sawdust for a long time to come. It's good to know that your daughter will be with you to help with your recovery. Please have your family keep in contact with the forum so we know how things are going.



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                    Darn, Dick, if you wanted to spend time with your daughter, couldn't you have figured out another way? Seriously, I will pray everything goes ok for you. At least when the doctors speak medical language, you will have someone who understands what they are saying. And you know you will be getting the best care possible.

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                      Best wishes and prayers sent to you concerning your upcoming surgery. Hopes for a good and not to slow recovery and back at the saw.


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                        The best to you Mick, I'll keep you in my thoughts
                        May the wind at you back .....
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                          Mick we all will be praying for a full recovery. Please do your best to keep us posted but only if the Dr approves.
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                            Evelyn and I will keep you in your prayers. Keep us up to date as you are able. If they wake you up every hour when your in ICU and ask you what your name is or if you know were your are have some fun. What you dont know were you are. or my name is right on my chart.
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                              Prayers going your way, Mick. You do the healing ~ we'll do the other part.

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