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  • Really miss the shop

    Today while riding the easy chair I really wanted to work in my shop, but knowing I can't for awhile anyway, I decided to set down and draw up some new band saw box patterns for when I can work. It's funny when we are forced into not being able to do what we do most days we somehow find the time to do something we have thought about doing when we did not have the time to do it.....does anyone understand that at all?? Must be the high dose of meds. they have me on

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    Larry, I understand. I was scanning patterns from the magazines that I wanted to make. Yesterday, I boxed all the magazines up and stored them away. I feel kinda lost.
    Hopefully you will be back in the shop before long making all the things you have planned to make.


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      Good to see you maximizing your down time...
      Here's to your health...

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        Hey bud...I understand your pain! However, you better take it easy and heal up or I will have to swim the big water and kick your butt...and of course float back with some Koa - lol! Honestly tho, I understand the withdrawals as I went thru the same thing when I was dealing with my Dewalt nightmare. But like you, I took the opportunity to research and draw up some new patterns and such. During that time, I actually got me a library card and spent some time there too, I know how much you enjoy reading...perhaps you can find you some new woodworking books to check out.

        Take some time off, enjoy the slow pace and kick butt on some new designs you can share with us all ;-)!
        ~ Kim

        A day in my shop is like a day at the beach...full of sunshine and ya never know where the sawdust may end up!


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          I swear you guys, you always know the right things to say... yes I really do enjoy reading. I think the last few days in the hospital I read about 3 books from my Kindle.... But a person needs to keep their hands busy as well I drew up a pretty nice turtle box and a dolphin box today....Now I am thinking about drawing a nice bunch of Hawaiian flowers and converting that into a box with drawers. Hell, I keep this up and I will have several new designs to work on.


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            Larry, think of it as your R&D phase. I find that it's only when I'm not pressured to get work done that I can take the time to let my mind go and come up with some really good stuff. And down time for reading is really a luxury.

            And when you're back in action, I look forward to seeing a picture of some cute little cupcake boxes mixed in with Janet's muffins and other baked goods. Won't draw the same prices you're getting for your lovely boxes, but I'll bet those little suckers will sell well too.

            Here's to a quick return to health (and better safety practices!) and to seeing your new inspirations.

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              Thanks so much for good words to live by Carole. Yes I guess I will be ordering your book right away and giving those tastey looking cupcake boxes a try...I know people seem to like little boxes and they might sell very well here. Seems like I am getting behind myself...I had really planned starting off as soon as your book came out, but noticed I had not placed my order...bad boy!!


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                Hey just get better. Looking forward what you have to share when you get back out in the sawdust.
                "Still Montana Mike"

                "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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                  Your so correct Mike. I set here thinking about what I want to do, but at least I am setting here at home and not in the hospital. Working my mind instead of my lungs right now.


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                    Larry I have just caught up on your situation .... really sorry that this has happened and good luck for a quick recovery and return to the workshop.




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                      Thanks so much Rhys....I guess it happens to all of one time or the other. A few weeks of rest and a new Trend system is sure to I just have to get used to wearing it and making sure the shop is set up a bit safer for the lungs.


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