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This will occupy some of your time.

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  • This will occupy some of your time.

    Here is a fun game to help occupy some of your time.
    It is simple, move all the discs from the left peg to the far right peg.
    One rule, you cannot place a larger disc on top of a smaller disc.

    I was able to do 3 tiles in 7 moves my first try in 10 seconds.
    I was able to do 4 tiles in 15 moves my third try in 47 seconds.
    I was able to do 5 tiles in 31 moves my final try in 4 minutes.
    6 discs will take a minimum of 63 moves. I have not completed it yet.

    How will you do.

    There is a legend about an Indian temple which contains a large room with three time-worn posts in it surrounded by 64 golden disks. Brahmin priests, acting out the command of an ancient prophecy, have been moving these disks, in accordance with the rules of the puzzle, since that time. The puzzle is therefore also known as the Tower of Brahma puzzle.
    According to the legend, when the last move of the puzzle is completed, the world will end. It is not clear whether Lucas invented this legend or was inspired by it. If the legend were true, and if the priests were able to move disks at a rate of one per second, using the smallest number of moves, it would take them 264−1 seconds or roughly 585 billion years. It would take 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 turns to finish”.

    MazeWorks - Tower of Hanoi
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    The link didn't work for me.

    Marsha try again if you like. It seems to be working for me.
    Here is the url just in case. You can copy and paste it to your browser.
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      It worked for me. 27 seconds for the first part so I quit while I was ahead.
      Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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        Chuck D

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          7 moves is the best I could do, don't remember the time.

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