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  • excalibur instructions

    Trying to put together the stand and it's heel right now. Hubby is cursing...lots :-(
    Paper is not clear and he is now wondering why I bought another saw :-(
    Eventually will get it together.
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    I suppose it wouldn't help if I told you I put the stand together all by myself. It was easier looking at the picture than reading the instructions. Tell him it's worth it.



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      I think there were other people on here had trouble getting it together.
      Stick with it you'll get it.

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        The instructions are not worth the paper they are printed on, chuck them and use common sense.
        Bob making sawdust in SW Louisiana
        with a EX-21


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          There are no written instructions only a very poorly explained picture. It is finally together and you will get a picture of it soon. We are not sure we put the right bolts in to hold the saw onto the stand. Oh well...
          I'm on dial-up so uploading is long. Be patient.
          Owner of a nice 21" Excalibur
          Owner of a Dewalt 788
          PuffityDragon on AFSP


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            Finally got it done and here it is. Clean....and very dust free. For now.
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            Owner of a nice 21" Excalibur
            Owner of a Dewalt 788
            PuffityDragon on AFSP


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              I'm sure it will look better once it has saw dust on it!
              Dan in So.Ca.


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                Aaahhh!!!!!!!!!! Most people share pictures of their children/grandchildren, but not us scrollers!!! It's beautiful Diane!!!
                Cathy in NE

                "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." - Anonymous


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                  Glad to see you have it finally done. I have done enough of these type of things that I just go with what makes sense. It is the same with IKEA plans.

                  The only thing I did is put a piece of plywood as a shelf as I built it.

                  I have to change mine as my wife bought me a new stool for Christmas and it is about and inch or so higher and I can't use it till I raise it up.

                  Good luck

                  Don McFarland ​Member - Durham Woodworking Club


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                    I left mine in the box until hubby got the hint


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                      I think you should have him put those bolts in the other way. The ones that are holding the feet of the saw. I bet it will 'feel' better if those bolts go in the other way.

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                        Congratulations Diane!

                        The way the bolts sits in your first picture tells me that maybe there is a plan for fastening something to them. A shelf for your blade containers or some other nice gadget..

                        John may have a point, but I would say "look" instead of "feel". I think he is a little envious
                        Ivar ("treslakter" - read as "woodbutcher")

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                          Hi Diane - sounds like you are having real fun. As one who rarely reads a manual until I get in a real mess I'd say use the picture as a guide and then shout for help as needed.

                          Btw - when I saw your title for this post before I opened it I couldn't help thinking...

                          'grasp the hilt firmly in two hands, place your right foot on the stone and then pull with all your might'!

                          Sorry, but it just so happens that my middle name is Arthur!
                          Jim in Mexico

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                            It needs some pin stripeing! Is that a new color for them?
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                              I would have just set the saw on the kitchen table and started sawdusting! Oh, wait, my wife says I can't do that...but it was a thought. I'm anxious to hear your comments on your new saw. Congratulations!
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