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Missing Scollsaw issues - 2nd hand ?

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  • Missing Scollsaw issues - 2nd hand ?

    I would like to buy 2nd hand issues of Scrollsaw number :
    3-4-5-6-7-9 and 13-14-15-18-19 and 22wich can no more be ordered ... to complete my collection and have all of them.
    If you can help, please mak an offer.
    On top they have to be sent to Belgium.
    Many thanks,


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    I'm missing a couple of the older issues too and have seen them on E-Bay. Somebody keeps beating me to them though.

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      Why not just order the CD's from Fox chapel. It will be cheaper and easier in the long run.
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        Do the 3 CD's that are available include every one of the magazines since it's beginning? I've never had a subscription to this magazine and was thinking this would be a good way to get a lot of patterns and articles quickly. What would be your opinion on this idea?



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          If you want the hard copies.. I will trade for the Cd's if you pay postage.
          I have every issue and in good shape.
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            Originally posted by kenreich
            Do the 3 CD's that are available include every one of the magazines since it's beginning?
            The cd's (volume 1 and 2) only go up as far as issue 24. I hope they will make more cd issues available when they have time.
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              The world is supposed to end just before my birthday this year. If it doesn't end I will gladly make arrangements to help fill your missing copies at that time. Because, if it does not end I will have to find something else to worry about.

              Have a nice year.

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