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    Do you prefer a 24 hour clock or AM/PM ?
    24 Hour Clock
    12 Hour AM/PM
    Time is relative

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    When looking at the clock at work--the correct time is:
    Too early to leave, too late to call in.

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    There's a time and a place for everything....
    I'm used to thinking in 12 hour increments...So,.....

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      I'm a 12 hr. kinda guy. Dealt w/ that 24 hr stuff was in the military and they can keep it.
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        well when i moved from the U.S. to Romania in 2006 they use 24 hr clock there and also here in Mexico most use the 24 hr so i have gotten use to the 24 hr again after being away from it since 1971 when i got out of the Marine corps so i guess what i am trying to say is i just go with the flow hehe


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          I have never used anything but a twelve hour clock.
          Dan in So.Ca.


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            Heck Jim - just lately my work days seem to last 20 hrs when I actually need at least 28 so I voted for 'time is relative' - LOL!

            Working around the world I have adapted to the 24 hr system but still think in 12 hr sections which can occasionally get you in to trouble such as in this example.

            Many years back I was working in Ethiopia where the locals were using a 12 hr clock of sorts. I say of sorts because in my first week on the factory I programmed a meeting with the factory senior management for 9 o' clock (in the morning). I arrived at the meeting room exactly on time to find it empty. After waiting for 15 mins with no one arriving I walked out a little angry at the lack of punctuality of the management team. After spotting the general manager arriving to site around 9:30 I asked him what had happened to the meeting. His reply rather shook me...

            'The meeting is scheduled for 9 in the afternoon, isn't it?'

            That's when I found out that Ethiopian 12 hour day starts at the UK equivalent of 6 o' clock in the morning and I'd unknowingly actually programmed the meeting for 3 PM in the afternoon!!!

            To add to this confusion many Ethiopians still use the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar so for example in Ethiopia today, July 12, 2012 it's considered to be May 3, 2004 !!! You can imagine the fun we had with inventory control on the factory when some folks use one calendar to date stock whilst others used the other.

            There was however a positive side to all of this. If you are feeling old and a little jaded, go work in Ethiopia. It takes years off of you

            Hope this explains pal why I voted for time as being relative
            Jim in Mexico

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              I worked with a computer, so I got use to a system clock that is 24 hrs. But since a 12 hr work day is way too long, I perfer the 12 hr clock. How about an 8 hr work clock? On second thought how about a 4 hr work clock


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                11 years of military I would go for the 24 hr clock. It leaves no room for confusion.
                Why do you ask? Curious.
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                  24 hr clock for me. I worked in the hospital environment where the 24 hr. clock is used to prevent the previously mentioned confusion. It makes more sense to me somehow.



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                    I voted for the 12 hr clock, now if I could only remember what DAY it is when I wake up....
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                      I voted for the 12 hr clock, but for me 24 hr. clock would be nice.

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                        Originally posted by Rolf View Post
                        11 years of military I would go for the 24 hr clock. It leaves no room for confusion.
                        Why do you ask? Curious.
                        When looking at the clock at work--the correct time is:
                        Too early to leave, too late to call in.


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                          I use both, 24hour clock at work and 12 hour at home when dealing with the kids etc. If given the choice I'd stick with 24.

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                            Even tho I was in the service and I grew up on base after base I voted on 12hr. Because people still think 0900 is 9 o'lcock is at night.


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                              12hr or 24hr is fine with me. After 20 years in the military theres really no difference to me. You did forget about Zulu time Jim.
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