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Is this street legal?

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  • Is this street legal?

    Is this Street-legal?

    I wonder how the guy driving this little mini truck got in and how he gets out of it.

    Mini Kenworth de Transport Jacques Auger - StumbleUpon

    Chuck D

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    So good i looked at it twice.......good one
    not doing much
    and busy doing it

    having fun making sawdust.


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      COOL!!! Sure turned heads, didn't it? LOL
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        Hey, looks real cool Chuck ! I had a classmate who built 3 of them & the smallest one was a remote controll. Was a long time ago & this one looks more detailed. Thanks


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          Thanks Chuck, I emailed it to some of my friends.

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          I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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            hehe, took me a second or two to realise its size Lol, thought it was a full sized rig initialy.
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              I wanted to see the guy driving it step out of it and stand beside it. He looked like a big guy...from the looks of his arm that you catch a glimpse of.


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                My guess is that the front folded out, and the seat is lower than it may seem...
                I dunno, Pretty amazing though...!!!

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                  Thanks, that's something I want to forward.
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                    WOW !! That's one heck of a small Rig!!! Had to run it twice to get a good look of everything. The guy driving it must be a good 6ft. plus," hefty," in size going by his elbow. My guess is that the whole front end probably lifts upwards like some racing car bodies do, and the driver slides in, and the body is lowered back down.
                    ** Some years ago here in Australia there was a half size scale Peterbuilt Rig, which used to travel about this country on a specially constructed trailer, with its owner taking it to all the Aussie truck shows, which from memory, attracted quite a lot of attention from onlookers. Also from memory, I think it was coupled up to a matching set of trailers in Aussie Road-Train confineration which made it even more impressive.


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                      Darned good work for a scroll saw.....wonder how many blades he went thru.................duhu!


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                        That's for hauling smaller loads.

                        There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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                          Is that what is meant by "short haul trucking"?

                          How would the guy get out once it's loaded in the semi? If the cab swings can that happen inside the trailer?


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                            Hi great video this link goes to a website you need to speak French translation below

                            Transport Jacques Auger Inc. | Mini Kenworth

                            In April 2007, Jacques Auger and his friend Donald Gingras decided to make a mini-truck to the Christmas parade in Laurier Station, where they live. Initially the project, the aim was to base a golf cart and give it the appearance of a tractor pulling a tank. But early in the implementation of the project idea has emerged to make a truck scale as close as possible to a real truck pulling a tank such as Fleet Transport Jacques Auger inc.

                            The prime contractor for the realization was Donald Gingras who was assisted by several subcontractors in this project. A total of 2600 hours was necessary for team members to complete the implementation of the mini and its Kenworth tanker scale 1:2.2.

                            The engine is a Cummins diesel three-cylinder 1.7 L of 37 hp, which was added a turbo. The transmission is a 5-speed Ford Ranger and differentials are those of the Jeep Suzuki.

                            All items that have been installed on the Mini Kenworth are functional.

                            Today, the Mini Kenworth toured festivals in Quebec. It moves in its gleaming 40-foot trailer, pulled by his older brother a W900L Kenworth and can be used for distribution of various beverages.

                            It may even be available for your event. It is a pleasure for both large and for small to see it unfold before their eyes.


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