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  • I've seen the snow

    now it's time for spring!
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    Not yet, weatherman says low teens and windchill in single digits tonight. Better break out the long handles. Looks like its going to be a yoyo winter.



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      47 and sunny here in Arkansas. Not a cloud in sight, but it's supposed to be down to 24 tonight.


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        It's been cold at night here but 50s, 60s during the day... no snow or precip of any kind since November...


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          Hey Jim - Here in northern Italy I can see snow on them thar 'ills around Lake Garda but 700 metres lower down where us mere mortals live its alternatively cold, bright and sunny or very cold, foggy, wet and miserable. Most folks I've spoke during the Christmas hols were complaining that some popular nearby winter ski resorts have had either insufficient or no snow. Seems like we are never satisfied with the weather whatever gets thrown at us but like you I can take spring over winter most days.
          Jim in Mexico

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            I feel for you folks in the cold weather locations. Moved away from that 7 years ago and do not miss it. After being here the first year, we could notice the difference in the winter months here on the Island.


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              Yes, Larry, here in Yuma, after 10 years, I've noticed a difference in the winter temp's. This year is a bit cooler than normal. BUT, it is much better than those zero temps up north. Even the freezing mark(32F) is too cold. Hope you all have a warmer new year. Take care.


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                10 below 0 when I got up this morning and it made it up to 9 in the sun this afternoon
                May the wind at you back .....
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                  The temp. is not really much cooler in the winter time but the water temp. is about 5 degrees cooler. I was in town today (buying a new planer..a 13" Rigid) and it was nearly 90 degrees outside.


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                    Winds between here in North West England and up there in Scotland have been gusting from 60 to over 100 mph past few days, been a chill factor with it too. Not been workshop fiendly weather except when I have had manual sawing to warm me up, hehe.

                    Appears to be settleing now, though for how long is unclear yet. Thankfully no roof damage on my house this year, <touch wood> though I will have to fix my driveway gate for the third time. O.o
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