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    I purchased a used Jet mini lathe yesterday.
    Wowzers! I have only turned once in the last 45 years. It is sooooo fun!
    I have been grinding down some wood trying to get the hang of it again.
    I'm gona see if I can combine the scrolling and turning on a project. Any suggestions?
    Do any of you know of a forum almost as good as this one for turning? I know this is the premier forum on the web for anything but one for turning would be a dandy to find.
    Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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    I used to hang out at Wood magazine web site way back - last century sometime. I recall that they had a turning forum and they had one fella there who was a turning nut and he had his own web site. My recollection is that the guy was a walking, talking encyclopedia and willing to help anyone who asked. So, I'd suggest going to Wood magazine's web site and then sign up and go to their turning forum. Then, go look at their archives. You'll find this guy. I don't mean this badly, but, I hope he is still alive. (I quit going there sometime around 98 or 99 or so). If not, you will at least be able to view the archives and I am sure you'll find his posts and other turners there.

    Also, we haven't heard from Mini here in some time (a year at least) but she may still be lurking and my recollection is that she bought a mini-lathe. So, there may be people on this site who can get you started.

    Good luck.
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      I do a lot of mushrooms and ink pens on my lathe. Some fun projects here
      Lathe Turnings at

      Woodturner's Resource

      A nova chuck is a good accessory for the lathe.



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        Stephen, have to tried Woodworking Friends site? They have plenty of turners as well as scrollers on Bill site. Good people.
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          Originally posted by stephenD View Post
          I'm gona see if I can combine the scrolling and turning on a project. Any suggestions?
          Welcome to the slippery slope of wood turning. The lathe is the cheap part. Add a few cutting tools, a couple of chucks and the costs keep building.

          I turn and I scroll. Neither exceptionally well but enjoy both. Being from Canada I visit the turning section of Canadian Woodworking site. Really knowledgeable folks plus there is a tutorial section that has some good videos.


          I turn quite few pens and hang out at A Penturner's Paradise

          The only things that I have done that combined both hobbies is

          - for the halos on the angels, I drill yellow heart on the lathe, turn round and then part them off.

          - I have made a few of bowls from Steve Good pattern and I turn the top rung and sand. I can turn round better than I scroll a perfect circle. I have the beall buffing system and it comes in handy to finish some pieces.

          Have Fun

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            Oh oh now you've done out, it can be lots of fun.
            I'm over at the forum mentioned by Hawaiilad (Larry) too. Helpful people.
            My screen name over there is auntieg
            You may want to check out some video's as well.
            Go to youTube and type in Captn Eddie he has lots of interesting video's.
            Check out HaydenHD for video's also.
            Rick Hutcheson's site has some turning video's as well.
            Good luck, and just follow all the safety rules.
            As to your question about suggestions of combining the lathe and scroll saw on's what I have made using the 2 machines.
            bh pens.JPG
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              Wood dog, love your pens.



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                Turner's Forum

                There is no turning back.

                It's all fun
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                  I'm going to be doing come of Carol's bowls from her first book but hubby will be finishing them on the lathe. He can do a much better job, and faster, than I could sanding the finished product. Besides, I hate sanding but we all know it is part of the finishing step. He also wants to use his supershine finishes on them. Should be interesting!!! Will keep you posted.

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