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    Yaaaaaaaaa. I recived my new book from Neal today. WOW and doublae WOW. Neal you really out did your self on this one. there is just so much impho in this book. and lots of great projects. HO HO. funny the paint Horse , looks just like the filly I am working with. I guess I will just have to do this one for sure. and the atoegraft (is that a word) made my day. He said "to my, Great Friend Evie. " How cool is that. I was like a little kid , standing out buy my mail box. for like a week now. and when it came. I just jumped for joy, and had a kid moment. living next to a schoole . I am sure they thought i was nuts. OH WELL> I didn't even get away from the mail box before i repted it open. and just went wow wow wow. to coo. wow. folks just looked at me . well you know. you would have thought i recived a gift from the presadent of the Usa. ark ark. well us scrollers do get exsided sometimes. at least this one does. wish i could go to the Open House . but next year. then I can give all you guys a big old sister hug. thanks Neal. and by the way. you hansom devile you. your picture is great. your friend Evie

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    I got mine today, and I echo most of what Evie said!! It is just terrific, and I sat in my van at the mailbox (3 miles from home- so I don't often walk there) and looked at every page. You did good, Neal.
    I am eager to get to a copy machine (this weekend - yeaa!!) and begin cutting. Now, which project... paint horse looks good to me, too, but it will take a glued-up panel, so maybe a smaller one -- gosh, they all look so good. Neal, Evie's right on that other thing, too - you take a really good picture - yumm!
    I hope everybody has a great time at the Open House, and that they have one again next year, 'cause we KNOW Trout knows how to take and post good pictures. And maybe Bob D. will get rested up by then...


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      Mine's in the mail. Can't wait.
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        Hope Mine is!!!!

        Edit: Found out it is. Happy day!!!!!!
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        Chuck D

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          Mine arrived yesterday! It is AWESOME! This looks like it will be fun once I can free up some time. Thanks Neal!

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            Chuck.....Check your PM's.
            If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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              mine came Thurs. ....WOW!
              Neal, simply put, OUTSTANDING job !! I look forward to working some of the projects, and a personalized copy to boot is good

              Thank you very, very much
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                Received mine a couple days ago. Way to go Neal! Outstanding! Thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work.
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