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  • Mele Kalikimaka

    Mele Kalikimaka, that's the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day.

    Larry didn't say it so I felt, as a onetime resident of The Islands, I needed to.

    Merry Christmas from Tucson. Nice, sunny and cool. NO SNOW!!! muhahahha
    Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


    The Southern Arizona Woodturners Association
    Desert Woodcrafters
    Grandpa for the 7 most amazing children.

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    Stephen, I must be slipping...I have said it so often I thought I posted it here. We just returned from a day at the beach. Must been 50 people in our group this just keeps growing every year. It started with my wife, myself and 3 other people 7 years ago. There was so many pupu's and tons of food. Pupu's are finger foods....chips, shrimp, small sandwiches, dried fruit....and this isn't counting the many deserts. A great day.


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      Merry Christmas to you too!
      We got a white Christmas this year -barely. Enough flakes on the ground to be white but not enough to make the roads bad. Great Christmas weather I think. But it's time for beach weather now! Lol. I have 5 or 6 months before its warm enough for the beach...


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