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    I know allot of folks will be spending time with their family over the weekend, and I thought it would be interesting to hear how we all do spend our Christmas day.

    Since our family and family of allot of our friends here on the Island live on the Mainland, we started something a few years ago. My wife and I make the Turkey (OK, the wife makes it) along with her favorite dish, someone brings a Ham, some bring fish, shrimp, along with others foods and we head to our favorite beach. We set up EZ ups, plenty of tables and spread out the food...and boy is there allot of it. We also bring what we like to drink. We sing songs, eat, watch the new whales and dolphins, eat and just enjoy the day. And most of all, we give Thanks for all the wonderful blessings and friends we have.

    Merry Christmas to all of you,

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    Larry, sounds like a great time and very different.
    You also have a very, Merry Christmas.
    Mick, - Delta P-20

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      That sounds great Larry! On Christmas Eve we drive to Riverside, About a two hour drive from here to visit my family. Mom always makes her world famous Tamales. After dinner, We open gifts. Then we drive back to Moorpark. Christmas morning, My wife starts breakfast, then we open our gifts. For Christmas Dinner, We cook a turkey with all the trimmings! It is supposed to be in the low 80s on Christmas here in Southern California!
      Merry Christmas to all!
      Dan in So.Ca.


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        Hub and I have a very quiet Christmas. Our children are scattered widely and spend Christmas with their spouses families. New Year's is a very different story. We and our kids find a great big cabin centrally located and spend a week celebrating family, swap gifts and have a big meal and party on New Year's Eve. Everyone pitches in with food, cooking, kid watching and entertaining. We play games, bake cookies, get caught up and generally have a wonderful time.

        Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year to all.



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          Joe and I observe a long-standing Jewish tradition of a movie and Chinese food. We had our family party about 2 weeks ago where gifts were distributed to our children and grandchildren (Chanukah or Christmas, depending) so this is our treat to ourselves. Works for us!

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            My son and daughter are cooking this year, which means I will be head chef again. hehe, "Dad, how do you...." ,"Dad, did I do...."' add infinatum Lol, but he, I love it, being major domo for a day.
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              This sounds like a lot of fun around the Christmas season , I wish I lived closer to you ....I bet you are a good neighbor......Merry Christmas Larry to you and your family ........... ............
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                Katsue and I will go to our son's house here in Tucson and enjoy Christmas with them.
                Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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                  My Bride and I will head for Eugene which is about 120 miles north. The first night we will spend with the good kids (don't tell her I said that), while the other family and set of grandkids are are their inlaws for Christmas eve. Them Christmas day we will go the the others house and eat some terrible smoked turkey (My Bride won't let me say anything, but everyone knows it is bad except the cook and that is one of the only things he cooks). We will bring the Ham and desert so I won't starve . Of course there will be more food than the turkey, a lot more. My Bride says the trunk is for the food and the back seat is for the presents (and they are both full) . But it will be enjoyable and I hope the same for all of you.. Merry Christmas.
                  Chuck D

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                    Here in the Browner Household, the Kids, only Biffo (the Grandson) Now, goes to bed and leaves an empty pillow case on the end of his bed on Xmas eve. He leaves out a few biscuits, a couple of carrots for Santa's Roos and few Ice cold beers for the fat fellow. The rest of us furiously wrap presents and place them under the tree, then Griff's Mum sneaks into his room, retrieves the pillow case and we fill it with gifts from Santa and replace it carefully on the end of his bed.
                    At some ungodly hour, Christmas morning, he will be bouncing on our bed loudly exclaiming "he's been, He's been" with his pillow case to show all the goodies.
                    We then have breakfast and open presents left under the tree.
                    Cold Ham and Salad, Cold meats, Prawns, bubbly and beer for lunch with left over for tea, and the next day and the next lol.
                    We have an open house for lunch, with family, friends and those who don't have family in Kal.
                    Takes a few days to recover, but it's all fun. I'm glad there's 52 weeks before the next one

                    Merry Xmas all
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                      Simply Stressed .


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                        Hi Larry - your Christmas plans sound just like my cup of tea - or maybe something a teeny bit stronger.

                        This year unfortunately I'll be spending Christmas away from my family but I did get to join in the celebrations. I say did because in Mexico its traditional to celebrate NocheBuena, or Christmas Eve night which usually means a big meal close to midnight followed by opening of the presents. An half hour ago my family set up a laptop and webcam in the middle of the table and I was able to join in the celebrations via Skype - ain't technology great! The present opening ritual is the highlight of the night with lots of practical jokes played. My son was hoping for some new games for his Wii console. He opened his gift from me which my wife had packed inside a large box of his favourite cookies. I'd been kidding him all week to say that he was too late with his Santa's request to get his games and I would send him something else 'tasty' which he liked. When he opened the cookie box and found his games inside his expression was a joy to see - jumping over the moon and yelling with delight. All good fun!

                        As for me. I'm heading 350 kms south for 5 days for another Italian adventure. I'll be staying at a rustic bed and breakfast place just outside the town of Sienna, Tuscany, with every intention to walk off some of the Christmas food and drink around Sienna and nearby Florence, and yep, I might take a few photos on the way to share with you guys.

                        Hope your family and you have a great Christmas pal
                        Jim in Mexico

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