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Invitation to a fun word game.

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  • Invitation to a fun word game.

    I know some of you here, like to play word games, and I would like to invite you to a game called AcroBlast...
    This is a fun game....

    I used to play it about 10-12 years ago when it was called acrophobia under a website called Bezerk. Soooo much fun.
    It is played in rounds, starting with 3 letters.....if you have ever looked at people's license plates and made a phrase to match the letters....that's what this is. And some funny phrases can come up.
    The game room accepts up to, I think, 12 or 14 people, starting with 3 letters, and you make a phrase to fit those letters. Then it goes on up to a 7 letter round.....There are, I think, maybe 6 rooms to play in.
    During each round, you vote for your favorite phrase, but you can't vote for your self. If you don't vote you don't get any points at all, and there are ways to get a few points even if you don't win the round, so you need to vote.
    Then after all 7 rounds are played the two players with the most votes go to faceoff and the other players vote for their favorite, determining the winner of the game.
    If you're interested, come check it out. It is very addicting so be warned.

    Just keep checking in on the game because right now I don't think very many people are playing....but if we could get a few more, then those few might could get a one or two interested...we would soon have enough for a good game.
    It only takes 3 to get a game going. But 12 or 14 is a blast.

    You do not have to download anythng.

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