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Japan Tsunami 6 months later

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  • Japan Tsunami 6 months later

    WOW ... what a difference 6 months makes in Japan!!

    What a great example of how people should pull together
    to get the job done!!

    Well done Japan!!

    I hope everyone on this list will take a few minutes and look at this link
    The Frame: Japan marks 6 months since earthquake, tsunami
    The pictures are a very dramatic comparison since six months have gone by --
    When you look at these pictures then think of New Orleans or Haiti.
    I love that these people have asked for no help, there was no looting, no anarchy, they shed tears, rolled up their sleeves and went to work -- they didn't wait for FEMA to show up.
    Chuck D

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    Chuck - Thanks for sharing the link with us


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      Wow Chuck, thanks for sharing!

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        Wow. They didn't let any grass grow under their feet did they? They got right to work.


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          Photos are amazing, and if they are real, I wonder where they put all the debris?
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            Wood Dog, they say a lot of it is out in the pacific, headed for our west coast.
            Mick, - Delta P-20

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              Thanks for sharing the pictures Chuck.

              Delta P-20 & Q-3

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                We are told weekly that miles and miles of that mess is heading here to the Islands as well as the WestCoast beaches. We have one beach here on this Island that gives us an idea of just what to's called Hell Beach and on any given day there is so much junk washing up there from Japan and other Countries. People are always getting together to walk the beach and pick the trash...


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                  WOW, the power of mother nature. Good to see people band together and regroup.


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                    Wow! - even after seeing all those initial photos and newsreel clips the devastation this disaster cause as shown in these photos is still hard to take in. Kudos to the Japanese population for showing the world what can be done when folks work together for a common goal.
                    Jim in Mexico

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