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  • Need to buy new patterns

    In the past I have cut many of Jeff Zaffino's patterns. Its been a while but now I can't find him. I also have cut Charles Dearing patterns but I can't find him either, even using his Bullrun: Rallying the World Webb site.
    Can anyone tell me how to contact either or both of these folks; it's time to buy new patterns.

    Thanks for your help.

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    JZ is no longer selling patterns. Charlie you can find by doing a search for him on facebook.
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      Charlie Frequents Steve Good's site: Scrollsaw Workshop Community -Please register to enable posting. - Index
      Look him up in the members section and leave him a message.
      By the way, Welcome to the forum!
      Dan in So.Ca.


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        Also take a look at Mikes scrollsaw patterns site. You want a challange-you'll get it there. dogs


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          oicur12, you can find Jeff Zaffino patterns at Scroll Saw Patterns Plans Books & Blades for your projects - On Sale at Scroller Ltd. They have JZ in the item number.
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            As "Dogs" said, check out Mike Williams' site
            [email protected]
            He has some great patterns for all skill levels.


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