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The sky is falling in Texas

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  • The sky is falling in Texas

    The sky is falling in Texas tonight at least that is what I think it is ... It can't be rain it quit raining here 18 months ago. Must be the sky is falling.
    Life's funny if you laugh at it!

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    My thoughts exactly, Jerry.


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      In Texas Jerry ?- it surely can't be rain!!!
      You sure it wasn't a passing 747 flushing the toilets?
      Jim in Mexico

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      - Albert Einstein


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        Originally posted by jim_mex View Post
        In Texas Jerry ?- it surely can't be rain!!!
        You sure it wasn't a passing 747 flushing the toilets?
        If it is blue stay out of it LOL
        Chuck D

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          We actually got nearly half an inch of rain over here in Law Cruces on Friday night and into Saturday. That amount gets us up to 3.5 inches for the year. Our average is about 9 inches for the year. We are WAY under average. Now, here I read and I see that Texas is taking even MORE of our water! Those dang Texans! (Except for the Houston Texans - I like Kubiak and his boys).

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            When I was visiting my daughter in San Antonio in Sept, I told her Costco had windshield wipers on sale. She looked at me and said "first it has to rain." Hope her wipers didn't dryrot from lack of use!! LOL

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