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Another Italian ramble - Venice!

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  • Another Italian ramble - Venice!

    Since arriving to northern Italy this midsummer for work I've been dying to make a trip to Venice but kept putting it back until a time when the hordes of summer/early autumn tourists which pack the place start to thin out. 3 weeks back I finally bit the bullet and on a gorgeous late autumn Sunday break I set off at the crack of dawn on a 2 hr train ride to arrive in Venice at around 9 am. I then spent almost 10 hours walking around the place, often crisscrossing the same paths, to seek out not only the major tourist attractions but also parts of Venice which are usually reserved for the locals. I also managed to pull in a quick trip to the nearby island of Murano, home to Venetian glass makers.

    I took a load of photos on the way with my new camera but when it came to sorting them out I was disappointed with the results. The winter sunlight was dazzlingly strong and made for some really difficult high contrast scenes which I failed miserably to capture to my liking. The following week I took time out to experiment with the camera and decided to pay another visit the follow Saturday to see if I could do a better job.

    The day started off with very hard frost but cloudless dawn sky but to my surprise, about 20 miles outside of Venice a thick fog closed in and when I arrived at the train station a white stick and a guide dog would have been more appropriate traveling accessories!

    The fog partially lifted off and on throughout the day but the sun never broke through. The weather was decidedly fresh but as I was continually walking around I kept warm enough. I'd planned to visit Murano again but with not too much time available in the late afternoon and a thick haze reducing the amount of daylight I opted instead for a lightening fast visit to the nearby island of Burano, which proved to be a good decision. This small island was known in the past for lace making activities but these days the attraction to tourists is more in the colourful residential homes which adorn the place.

    Back to Venice with the daylight gone, the temperature dropping sharply and with 8 hours of walking behind me it was time to take the train back to Verona. At home, reviewing my new batch of photos, I certainly didn't get the better quality sunny shots I was originally looking for but I did end up with what I think is a more interesting collection of subdued images of this fascinating city. As for those sunny shots, well maybe I'll improve on them later on when I will definitely go back for a third visit. For now though, I bought a very nice illustrated guide book packed full of beautiful photos taken by professional photographers who obviously know what they are doing!!

    Rather than bundle my photos into a presentation as I've done in the past I'm now in the process of building a web gallery to document my trips. This is still very much a work in progress but please feel free to take a look by clicking on the following image

    Note the gallery albums contain two built in slide shows. To see the best one click on any large size image in the default slide show in any album to maximise its size then hover your mouse to the centre left or right edge of the image to show a small blue arrow which will advance or go back through the album photos.

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    Jim in Mexico

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    I have heard it all now--blaming a camera just to get a second trip to Venice!

    Glad to hear you are getting to play tourist while "in country" and it looks like you are getting some memories to last a lifetime. Just think, if your son has to do a report on Italy for school, he will have original images instead of Google images.

    I hope you get to experience everything you want while in Italy and that you maybe convert some of those images to saw patterns when you get back.
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      I have heard it all now--blaming a camera just to get a second trip to Venice!
      Hey Jim - I thought that was a good excuse pal but the better one is that I also have to go back either this coming weekend or the one after to buy my wife and two sister in laws some Murano glass jewelry. If I don't make this next trip and come up with the goods my darling wife and the family will be pulling diplomatic strings to revoke my Mexican residency status to stop me getting back into the country!

      As to scrolling. I do have a few ideas I'm playing with following some things I saw whilst in Venice. Just need to find some time to covert them into sawdust....
      Jim in Mexico

      Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
      - Albert Einstein


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        Thanks for the ongoing travel log. I really enjoy your narratives and pictures. Very disturbing to see graffiti on the Rialto bridge.
        What camera did you buy?
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          Hi Rolf - I bought a Sony NEX-3 with 18 - 55 mm lens.
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          Jim in Mexico

          Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
          - Albert Einstein


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            Jim, I had planned for getting to bed a little earlier than normal, but your pictures was to much of a temptation! Thank you for a nice walk around both Venice and Burano.

            Still no snow in my area, except for up in the mountains. Not much fog, just a lot of rain.
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              Now I'm jealous! You're pictures are great Jim, I'm sure it was a wonderful adventure! Whenever you go back there, take more pictures, I love them!

              Visit Frieke's gallery

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                Postcard perfect. Thanks for another wonderful tour. I would be so fearful of ever having a house catch fire in those narrow confined spaces. It is so majestic to see how they live. Are the canals clean? They look so much cleaner than the "klongs" of Bangkok.
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                  Jim -- Thanks for the pics! Venice is such a wonderful place to visit. Glad you are getting some time off to run around the country.
                  Mtnman Jim

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                    That is one area that has been on my "Travel Someday" list. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. Is it Someday Yet?


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                      Hi folks - thanks for taking time out to look at my snaps and in finding then interesting.

                      In answer to Mike about whether the canals were clean. Not only the canals but also all of the backstreets were very clean which surprised me a little in view of the thousands of tourists who visit the place. Also, apart from that horrendous graffiti on the Rialto bridge I saw very little evidence of this in other parts of the city which was blessing.

                      I have to add that in general in the part of northern Italy where I'm living and enjoying my trips out rubbish is rarely seen and the local communes (councils) along with their inhabitants do a very good job of keeping the place clean and tidy as well as ecofriendly. I've joked in the past about the elaborate refuse collection system here but I'll be the first to admit that it pays dividends when you see just how little rubbish is left lying around particularly in the countryside and on the waterways.

                      As to fires Mike - most of the present day construction in Venice is brick or concrete so the risk of spreading fires is probably minimal and the good news is that with so many canals there is always water close at hand to keep the bucket chains short! I did pick up one interesting comment on my tour from the past regarding fires. Apparently the Venetian glass factories were moved from the city of Venice to the nearby island of Murano many years ago precisely to avoid the risk of starting fires in the city from glass furnace accidents.
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                      Jim in Mexico

                      Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                      - Albert Einstein


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                        Good work Jim. You seem to be winning. Glad to see that you are taking the opportunities open to you do lots of sightseeing. Good luck with buying the glass jewellery. I can remember spending what seemed like hundreds of hours visiting every glass shop in Venice while the female of the species chose the "right " piece


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                          I can remember spending what seemed like hundreds of hours visiting every glass shop in Venice while the female of the species chose the "right " piece
                          Hi David - I certainly know that feeling! I'm not sure though which is best - having my wife here to choose and just dragging me and my wallet along for the ride or my current situation, out here on my own having to make the purchasing decision. Almost feels like being between the devil and the deep blue sea!
                          Jim in Mexico

                          Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                          - Albert Einstein


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                            Thanks Jim, for all the pictures and tours. I am loving every minute of your travels.


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                              Great presentation.
                              I watched a movie called The Italian Job 2003 . It had some nice canal shots similar to your's ..
                              Well done.



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