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  • Cant reply to posts

    Hello everyone
    I have been trying since Thursday to reply to some of the posts here and can not. Whne I click on the submit button nothing happens. Any ideas on what might be wrong?
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    Well I am the worlds greatest scroller at my house.

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    Are you logged in Dan?
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      Hey Dan - glad to hear you are having this trouble because so am I !!!
      I've had to register again under a new name to reply to this post,

      I've sent a private message to BobD asking for help - hope he gets it and passes it on to the admin folks!!

      from the real Jim_Mex - LOL!


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        Sorry, you guys are having that problem. Just for information purpose, I haven't had any problems with replying. I haven't been on for a couple days though. Hope you can get it worked out. Maybe you just have a " bug " !


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          It seems like a lot of people are having troubles to post or reply on the forum...what's going on here?

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            I also sent a Pm to Bob for you Jim....
            I haven't had any problems myself though....

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              Let see it it works now. It does thats great I'll be back later it time to get ready for work now.
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              sigpic: Dan US Navy PR1 (Ret)
              To all who serve or have served, Thank you
              Well I am the worlds greatest scroller at my house.


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                Hey Dan - the sun must be shining on you. I'm still locked out of replying with my regular account


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                  using this post to test message replies

                  Installed Firefox and NoScript and works ok

                  Google and IE not working


                  Uninstalled Chrome and now IE is working ....

                  Reinstalled Chrome with new profile and works


                  Put my old profile back into new install of Chrome and the **** browser is screwed up again!


                  Testing IE again - working

                  Conclusion - My Chrome profile is screwing with me!!!

                  Uninstalled Chrome again, deleted my profile data
                  Reinstalled Chrome, reinstalled bookmarks - forget rest of profile
                  Chrome working ok - able to reply to post

                  Think its time I changed back to Firefox and got my profile backl!
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                  Jim in Mexico

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                  - Albert Einstein


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                    I have not had any problems replying to post but I use Firefox as my browser. I think IE is a bug looking for a computer to inhibit. Not to mention that Google and Microsoft just adore each other and always cooperate to make their programs compatible.

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                      Hi George - I've been using Chrome successfully for several months but this time it seems to have screwed with me. I previously preferred Firefox but changed when an update to Firefox refused to allow me to log in to the Intarsia Chat sessions. The latest version I've just installed has this issue resolved so I'm going back to Firefox post haste
                      Jim in Mexico

                      Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                      - Albert Einstein


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                        I have tried to get into the chat sessions several times and this TV with the typewriter attached just sits there. I have thrown it out the window several times (in my mind of course). But I just can't convince it who is boss.
                        Chuck D

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                          Hi Chuck - ref not being able to get into the chat sessions.

                          For the chat session applet to work you must have javascript enabled for the applet (log in) screen to appear. If you use any form of script blocker check to see that java or scripts are permitted to run on the login page. As I mentioned previously, if you use Firefox as your browser you may well have an older version installed. I found that for about 8 months prior to the very last Firefox update I was unable to login to the chat - after typing in my name and hitting the Enter key the screen turned black. Having just installed the latest version of Firefox the problem seems to have been sorted,
                          If you use Firefox try updating it and then log in and see what happens. You can login any time of the day to try this out
                          Jim in Mexico

                          Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                          - Albert Einstein


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