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  • Your Thanksgiving table Picture

    I am working both Thanksgiving as well as the day after...

    Please post a picture of what your dinner table looks like so we that are working can enjoy it too.


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    I worked a lot of Thanksgiving Days and my heart is with you. I worked in ER's around the country and for us travelers, there was no such thing as a holiday off. The best Thanksgiving Days spent at work were at a hospital in Richmond, VA. I had a friend who thought it was not nice to have to work on holidays so he made a Thanksgiving feast for the ER staff. Our table was a gurney in one of the treatment rooms so we could run in and out to eat when we had a chance. His efforts were appreciated more than he'll ever know.



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      Hammer...what type of work do you do that would have you working on Thanksgiving? I remember years ago when I sold Real Estate, the wife and kids and I were on our way to the In-Laws for Turkey dinner and on the way I stopped to submit an offer on a house while the family waited in the car. Those were in the days when homes sold very when you had an offer you presented it right I just walk out to the shop for my work....Happy Thanksgiving


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        I worked last night, from 11pm to 7am....I am a nurse on the nightshift in a nursing home.
        I'm off the rest of today, but I didn't feel like cooking so my mother and I went out to eat dinner...just got back. I am plenty stuffed. I had as much on my plate as if I had cooked. I had all I wanted, dressing, ham, and sweet potatos.


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          got the post too late. been there, ate that.
          Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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