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  • Think you're good on a Saw

    Give this a shot.

    G'day all,
    My niece sent me a link to this site, saying "Uncle John, you could make these and sell them on line". I'm very pleased with her confidence in my abilities but............................................

    Others at Home & Garden - Living & homewares - Lamps - Bloom Pendant.

    I'd bet my bottom dollar they are laser cut.
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    I think it might be doable, but my, my it would take a long time.


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      Had to be laser but you get free shipping all for only $590.00.


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        WOW, John those are fantastic. You could do that, no dought. I did this one for my wife. It's out of Acrylic & 12 inches accross. Not quite as detailed as those you show us. Thanks for letting us look.
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          Now if we stack cut them...

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            i think it would be do-able,
            but i think you would be off your rocker too try and twisted eyed after ,
            defo a laser cut item i think.
            not doing much
            and busy doing it

            having fun making sawdust.



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              I also think they are telling pork pies when they say, It's certifies XXXX timber. I'd say ply definitely
              "The Golden Mile"John Wayne
              Some of my Stuff
              Retired Medically Unfit Police Officers ***.


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                Obviously laser cut. You are good enough to do it though
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                  Those are really beautiful, I agree with John, definitly laser cut.

                  Perk, I love your creation, is there a pattern for that somewhere?

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                    Some of the ones I saw on their page looked easy...and for $290, I'd cut one in a second, ok an afternoon but you know what I mean...

                    Yup, laser cut for sure...It didn't say handmade anywhere sooo........

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                      Its very cool, and I would cut that. I like it!
                      Dale w/ yella saws


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                        I thought about cutting that one . . . . . then I remembered, 'oh yea, I have a life!'

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                          you would be seriously cockeyed when you got done!


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                            Hey John - now I'm back to full reply mode I can finally post a comment

                            First thought after reading the guff about how these are produced was that there are still some devils roaming around Tasmania, not in the wild though... they've been recruited into this company's marketing department!

                            As to you cutting it... with your skills it would be a piece of cake mate, but for motivation I'd first show Bette the selling price tag and then see if you can wriggle out of making one or more!

                            Like JimS' comment, I think some of the simpler designs on the site look attractive and wouldn't be difficult to cut and the idea would be easy to adapt for differing lamp styles
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                            Jim in Mexico

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