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The Dragon and the Duck

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  • The Dragon and the Duck

    I've had a laugh for the day and decided to share it with everyone here....

    True Story....

    Now many of us have heard the tale of the Fox and the Hound, and the Turtle and the Hare, but today I'll tell you about the Dragon and the Duck.

    It started out to be a beautiful fall day here in Canada. Dragon (aka Sue) and I decided to go grab a coffee and a typical Canadian breakfast (donuts) and walk along the water. Take in some of the fall air and admire the colours of the trees turning all shades along the shoreline.

    So once the kids were off to school we headed off. Of course, coffee in Canada means one must stop off at one of the national icons, Tim Hortons. We pull up at Tim Hortons and the lineup for the coffee shop is clear out to the highway. This amuses Dragon. Why would we sit and wait for 20 minutes to get a coffee? Ah, but we do... afterall, we're Canadian. So we get our coffee and donuts and head off to the water.

    We come up to a beach and sit along the water with our coffee, which are VERY hot and donuts. Careful not to cause the local wildlife to notice us eating. There are seagulls, Canadian Geese and Mallard ducks all about. Several large squirrels are playing around the trees.

    It was peaceful.

    I sip my coffee and notice we have company. A small female mallard duck is looking us over. I mentioned to the duck I would feed her, come closer.
    So she wonders over to my feet. It doesn't take long for her to start eating out of my hand and enjoying a crumb of donut.

    Soon another mallard comes up along side us.

    Now it isn't something I expected in the least. I mean I can understand being a little nervous of Canadian wildlife, like bear, moose or the wolves.... but a Duck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dragon is trying to escape the picnic table in such a fashion she is willing to flip the 6 foot table ontop of us to defend against the mallard which is approaching for a snack.

    My coffee that I waited 20 minutes for goes flying all over both of us and the ducks scurry back to the water as I try to right the table before I loose my teeth for a second time in a playground. Giggles start and before we know it we are covered in coffee from head to toe.

    Dragon, all flustered now is appologizing and we are both checking to see if there are any injuries... Dragon is acident prone, atleast while here in Canada.

    What a sight it must have been for all the other people at the beach or walking along the shore. Two adults under a upturned picnic table .... giggling.

    So I am off to get another coffee .... and start my day at work.
    Hope everyone has a laugh today, and enjoys themselves a little.

    Take care

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    Originally posted by Toni Burghout
    typical Canadian breakfast (donuts)
    Not in my house!

    Apple fritters, Strudels, Danish pastries, Ok.

    Chocolate, Maple or Honey glazed donuts are a last resort, just before cereals.


    Sue haven't you seen the ads?
    That duck was just looking for Ketchup.
    DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

    NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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      Thanks for the morning smile. Kind of warms me like a cup of Timmies.

      It is always amusing to outsiders when they come in on the remnants of a small traumatic scene.

      Oh but for the grace of God go I!
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        Toni, I enjoyed that short story. It sure would have been nice to have a few photos to go along with it though.

        I sure hope Charlie 1 reads this one.
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          Great story, thanks for sharing.

          do I sense a new pattern coming???? Killer duck vs Mendora?
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