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My squeaky clean memory stick

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  • My squeaky clean memory stick

    Jim in Mexico

    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
    - Albert Einstein

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    Jim, this is a bit different but along the washing lines. The other day I was busy reading all the posts on the computer and the wife asked me if I would take the wet clothes from the washer and hand them on the line...with all the sun we have here in Hawaii and the high cost of elect. we hang our clothes on the line. I said yea, but did not do it....awhile later I was asked several times before I finally got up and stomped out the the washer asking myself why I "The Man of the House" had to do this task. I opened the washer of those front loading machines, and what did I see laying right there????? Green Money!! Seems I had several bills in one of my shorts pocket (about $60+ worth) and all I could think was...sure glad I am hanging these clothes and not the wife...she would have kept my allowance money......... Funny thing is, of all the clothes in the washer that I hung......yep, they belonged to my wife, none were mine!!!! No I did not tell her or return the $$$ to her...serves her right for taking me away from my computer


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      Jim: sometimes it's better to be lucky than smart.

      Larry: Such behavior has caused near death experiences at my house. If you're going to keep the cash, don't advertise it!



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        Sounds like you should get in touch with the memory stick manufacturer and see if you could do a promo ad for the stick.

        I think the human memory wash might be called meditation .

        Must have your power back on ?

        Nice story.


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          Jim - Looks like you made out better than I did last summer when I washed my brand new shorts with an ink pen in the pocket. Oh the washing the pants wasn't a problem, but the dryer made quite a mess of things. Ink everywhere! lol
          -- Rick --


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            Hi Jim,
            The next time that you wash your memory stick try throwing it in the dryer. My husband did the laundry & he washed & dried his memory stick that he uses in the tree cam. It was nice & clean & dry when he finished & the thing actually still works.

            The bottom of my nice new dryer contains ink marks from another one of my husband's loads of laundry.


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