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So Much For A New Career...

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  • So Much For A New Career...

    My plans for a new career have been thrown into turmoil. The local college has just phoned to tell me that the courses I've enrolled on have been cancelled due to a lack of students.

    There's nowhere else locally that's running comparable courses and I've already bought the text books. I'm really cheesed off.

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    Sorry to hear that Gill.
    That is not very professional of an educational institute.
    If they were decent human beings they would at least send yo money for the books.....I know that won't happen but it would be the decent thing to do.
    Or at least credit you with that amount of money for any upcoming courses.

    Have you thought of correspondence? It may be an alternative since you have the books already.
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      Ouch...I can't believe they're leaving you stuck like that.
      Do you have any online options on your side of the pond? Here, some of the better universities are offering online courses, perhaps that an option?
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        That's gotta stink. I know what college text books cost, at least over here. I wish you luck at finding a good use for them. What career were you considering?

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          What a crummy situation, Gill.
          Did they give you any indication of when the classes may be offered again? I guess you could read the (already paid for) textbooks and be that much more prepared. Colleges around here are often on the quarter system - seems the quarter is over before the students even get into the swing of things. Probably due to the modern clamor for instant gratification. Semester system, and you've got longer to wait, but even then, at least for me, time is going faster and faster.
          My condolences, but now you've got a bit more time for scrolling and other creative outlets.


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            Sorry to hear that Gill. There's an online college called Phoenix that alot of people around here use to get their degrees. They have campuses but most of their courses are online and they are very reputable. I have no idea how it works but it's something you can check out. Let me know.

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              The online courses are a terrific suggestion. Two of my children take a mixture of live and online courses at a local college, and it works out well. Even very prestigious universities in the States offer distance learning.

              Chances are if a college is serious about their distance learning programs, you can take online courses, plus participate in periodic seminars that will provide some interaction with professors and other students.

              My wife is away at a seminar this week that will accelerate her completion of a master's program in psychology. Most of her other work has been by correspondence with a college about 300 miles away.

              Best of luck!



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                Ah, online courses.

                Some are very valid, others...

                Let's just say I have a friend who bought a "degree" for $500.00.

                Nothing beats experience.

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                  I appreciate the suggestion about online learning - it's nice to know you're thinking about me . However, I'm one of those people who works best with others around to bounce ideas off. I've studied reputable correspondence courses before but never completed them due to the lack of a human interface.

                  Nice idea, though.

                  There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
                  (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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