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  • Bad birthday

    This is not the best birthday I've had. This morning at 6:30 am a car knocked my niece off her bicycle on her way to work. She suffered a broken arm and severe bruising to her ribs and back. At 11 am my son in law was taken into hospital after suffering a stroke. He is comfortable and is being constantly momitored for the next 24 hours. He will be having a brain scan sometime this evening. We are having the children stay with us tonight, they are a little bewildered but bearing up. My daughter is trying to be strong for them but sometimes it gets too much for her and she breaks down. Tony is only 49 years old and it has come as a great shock to us. He is a veteran of the 2nd Gulf war and recieved some injuries in Iraq which have left him partly disabled. We will be living on a knife edge for the next few days.
    Thanks for listening
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. Winston Churchill

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    I have nothing to say except that I pray that God and his angels keep you close...
    My prayers go out to you.....

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      My thoughts and prayers are going to your love ones.


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        Mick, thinking of you and yours mate.

        Hope things turn out for the good.
        Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.


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          Thanks to you all. We have to wait until tommorow for the results of the scan, so I don't think we will get a good nights sleep, but I'm ever the optomist.
          I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. Winston Churchill


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            Birthday! I won't say happy cuz I know it isn't. I hope all goes well for you and yours. Don


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              Hang in Mick, Your forum family is behind you too. Prayers to you and yours. Rob
              May the wind at you back .....
              Not be from Lunch.

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                Hang in there!!! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family...blessings that the children have great grandparents to comfort them and share their love!!!
                ~ Kim

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                  Here are my best wishes for a full and rapid recovery for both of them. Big hugz to the family for strength in this tough time.
                  "Still Montana Mike"

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                    We are here for ya Mick, prayers sent for your niece, and son-in-law.
                    Gloria ............... Two memorable things to say in life, "Hello" for the first time, and "Good-bye" for the last.


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                      Mick, hoping for the best for your family.


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                        My heart is with you!
                        DeWalt 788


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                          Mick, my heartfelt prayers and good wishes are sent your way, I hope your daughter heals rapidly and your son in law recovers fully.


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                            Prayers and good wishes coming from here for your family. May next year's birthday be filled with joy and the knowledge that your family is safe.



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                              Mick, Our thoughts and prayers are going to you and your love ones.

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