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I scored but don't feel good about it!!

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  • I scored but don't feel good about it!!

    I just scored a bunch of stuff for 50% off and don't feel good about it. I picked up several cans of Super 77, Deft, Danish Oil among other shop necessities. I also got a ton of thin hardwood and the rest of the 1x8 aspen they had on hand (can't get it anywhere else around here). For the price I also bought up some Bosch scroll saw blades.

    Why don't I feel good about that??? Well a few weeks ago Lowe's announced they were closing 20 stores across the country, 3 of which are here in NH and one in my town. The store here is being liquidated as opposed to reshipping product to other locations because apparently it wasn't cost effective. This store has only been open for just over a year and now all of the people working there will be out of a job right before the holidays (been there done that myself only it was Christmas Eve). I hope they can all land on their feet but it's especially hard these days and especially this time of the year.
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    Sometimes you would just like to smack the Hell out of theses corporate tightwads for not being somewhat considerate , but on the other hand maybe we should thank them for not waiting till after the holidays so we could be farther in debt when it happens,either way its not a good thing


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      First congrats on the score. Second many kudos your way for feeling the way you do about the sad reason the score was there to be had.
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        I understand how you are feeling Don. I had the same thing happen when I lived in Washington State. A small lumber yard that had been in business for nearly 60 years closed their doors. I had bought from them for years and hated to see my friends go...but I also picked up lots of good deals. We have a Lowe's and a Home Depot here on our Island, and I would hate to see them go out of business, because nearly all the small lumber yards here are gone..and we would have nothing. So many big named stores have closed their doors and just left empty buildings set.


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          Originally posted by jowshu98 View Post
          I just scored a bunch of stuff for 50% off and don't feel good about it ... The store here is being liquidated as opposed to reshipping product to other locations because apparently it wasn't cost effective.
          At least you did score something out of all this. We had a woodworking store around us close a couple months ago. They sold the business to an out-of-state company that didn't want to keep a local presence, so they had a "store closing" sale (that didn't amount to much of any sale) and then packed everything up and left town with it ... and the employees were left with barely a thank you.
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            G'day Don,
            The same thing happened to me just on Monday. I was down at the local Bunnings getting some timber and my young bloke wanted to go to the Bed Shed, across the road to get a new pillow. Well, he got a couple of pillows for $5.00 each as well as a Quilt for another fiver. Great deals, but the lady that owned the shop was closing it because of rent increases. Put me in a bad mood all day. What really sucks though is the amount of empty shops in town??? Just pure greed on behalf of the owners.
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              These empty stores and shops are happening all over the world, yet we still need the stuff in them. Something has got to change...
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