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Genoa, North West Italy - more flooding

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  • Genoa, North West Italy - more flooding

    A couple of weeks back I reported how devastating floods and mudslides had crippled the area of Cinque Terre in Italy a few days after I visited the towns. Well this morning the area to the north was reported to be suffering even worse problems. Genoa is the largest town in that part of the country and at the moment a large low lying sector is under water after raging flash floods swept through the streets causing incredible destruction. Again a number of people lost their lives.

    The video on the following news page shows just how devastating the situation was and the sheer power of the water. A terrible tragedy which makes you really feel for all those involked.

    Several killed by flash floods in Genoa, Italy | euronews, world news
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    Unbelievable video powerful water can be. We need it to survive, and sometimes it kills. Thanks for the link, and as always, our wishes for you is stay safe.
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      So so sorry for what those people are going through right now. Water can be so harmful at times


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