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An autumn walk + an invitation to viewers

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  • An autumn walk + an invitation to viewers

    Last week, here in northern Italy where I'm working, we had a hard frost and for the first time in many years I was treated to a display of autumn colours by the trees and plants in the countryside around me. In Mexico, my home base for the past two decades, we don't really have autumn and despite the fact that we can get hard frosts at night there isn't the variety of deciduous trees to put on a good show of colour. So, as Tuesday was a national holiday and, weatherwise, the day started out looking promising, I put on some walking clothes, grabbed my rucksack and trekking shoes along with a guide book of popular local walks and set off to drive to the small town of Limone on the upper western side of Lake Garda, about 80 kms distant, to see if I could find some nice autumn scenes.

    I'd read there was a circular trail just outside Limone of about 4 hours duration leading up into the hills overlooking the lake. What I neglected to spot in the guide book until I reached the place was that the first 2 hours were an uphill climb zigzagging a 1 in 2 to 1 in 1 gradient around the side and to just below the back of the summit of the ridge overlooking the town. At 720 m, (almost 2400 ft), above the lake this proved to be a nice leg muscle puller! After a brief 15 mins of relatively flat easy going along the ridge the trail then careered zigzagging down the lake side of hill for an hour long descent at even steeper grades than the uphill climb! I later found out that this downhill stint was part of some extreme hiking trail!!

    Surprisingly my aging pins lasted well for what was obviously a route for experienced hikers and I arrived back at my start point at exactly 4 hours from my departure feeling well pleased with having made it in the allotted time and in one piece. The weather had been excellent for walking, although during the last 30 mins a light cloud cover had damped out most of the sun and a haze was forming over the lake and wisps of fog starting to show on the ridge peaks. 30 mins later on the way home the sun disappeared completely and a thick haze was engulfing everything. I didn't care, I'd done the walk and survived and I'd got some nice photos to show for it, plus hopefully I've toned my legs up a little more. Now if I could just shed a little of that excess weight I carry - LOL! An hour later and I was back home soaking in a steaming hot shower and reflecting on another great day and experience here in my temporary workplace.

    No slide show this time, just a brief description of the photos.

    ************************************************** *****

    An invitation to all viewers - I know that many forum members live in parts of the world where they are treated to really spectacular shots of autumn colours so how about grabbing your camera and posting some images to add to this thread.

    PS - No need to climb so high as I did to take the shots! - LOL!

    ************************************************** *****
    Photo 1 - The start of the walk at the base of the Singol Valley just above the town of Limone.

    Photos 2 - 8 - the first stretch of the uphill climb, a steep rough road made of polished stones going up into the valley

    Photo 9 - striking off from the road a steep zig zagging climb through pines up towards the peak

    Photos 11 - 12 - a sparsely covered section of the hill with wisps of bright orange grass bordering the path. Two massive outcrop slips make for a spectacular sliding descent!

    Photos 13 -15 - Limone below as the trail keeps ascending. A shot of the Singol valley hills in the direction of Lake Garda

    Photo 16 - After two hours climbing and 720 m a small set of steps lead to the top of the ridge

    Photo 17 - a clearing in a small wooded area at the top of the climb

    Photo 18 - ten mins of level walking and a left turn brought me out to the start of the long and very steep descent

    Photo 19 - three quarters of the way down the descent and the summit looks a longway off!

    Photo 20 - Back to the base of the stream which flows out of the Singol valley down into Limone and the lake and I'm within a couple of mins of my starting point

    ************************************************** *******
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    Jim in Mexico

    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
    - Albert Einstein

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    Jim those are fantastic pictures, looks like your having fun in Italy
    Dewalt 788


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      Good for our eyes, and good for your health! What more can you ask for? - In my area this autumn had less colours than normal due to a mild weather most of the time. Just a couple of nights with a little frost this far, and now all the colours are long gone :-(
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        Again Jim, thanks for taking us along on your walk...what a lovely day


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          Hi folks - well I think the gods have been shining on me for the past couple of excursions with two glorious days out. Once again though a front is now rolling in and rain is forecast for the next 2 - 3 days so I don't think that I will be moving far this weekend. I suppose I could always try spending some time doing something else. Maybe some scrolling so that I can post outside of the Off Topic section for a change?

          Glad you liked the shots
          Jim in Mexico

          Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
          - Albert Einstein


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            Jim, you will be fit as a buck rat soon with all this walking. Nice trip. Thanks for sharing. Sorry cant do Autumn pictures for 6 months . How about Spring shots


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              Absolutely gorgeous Jim. Thanks for reminding us that there is beauty all around us all of the time.

              A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

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                Thanks for sharing another beautiful part of Italy. Our fall colors are long gone this year, but I'm sure that I have some photo from past years. I will look this weekend and maybe post a few.


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                  great pictures Jim - and Kudos for making the trip in the alloted time!!

                  Fall colors are gone here. There are some oak trees that still have their leaves on, but most everything else is bare.





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                    Hi again folks - Just browsing through some more very nice replies, thanks!

                    Sorry Theresa but a word in your post reminded me of the well know saying about Brits and Americans being separated by a common language.

                    A 'walk in the fall' is what you'd be saying I did on this trip. A 'fall in the walk' better describes my day out - LOL!

                    Sorry to pick on you Theresa but the song 'Autumn leaves' - one of my Dad's favorites - just doesn't sound right as 'Fall leaves'

                    Ok, I'm joking!

                    Oops! - just spotted that Donna mentioned that word also... ok, I guess that you can call me the forum fall guy!
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                    Jim in Mexico

                    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                    - Albert Einstein


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                      Thanks for the spectacular pictures. It's been a lot of fun following your adventures on the forum. I can't even imagine how much fun you must be having, actually living it. You sir have been richly blessed.
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                        Beautiful photos once again Jim. Your little piggies are getting a work out for sure.
                        Enjoying your trip to Italy, thanks again for taking us along.
                        Our leaves haven't completely turned colors yet....another week or more for them to reach peak here in my part of New England.
                        Here is a picture of our Japanese Maple just starting to turn the beautiful crimson color it does, however with our recent October Nor'easter a few days ago, we lost 2 of the branches.
                        IMG_5998 (Small).JPG
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                          Wow Gloria! - someone whitewashed your garden whilst you weren't looking!
                          Shame about the branches but at least acers usually recover well.
                          Thanks for the photo.
                          Jim in Mexico

                          Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                          - Albert Einstein


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                            Great pictures! What a guy, sacrificing himself for his forum pals! I really like the "path" photos!
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                              Hey Jim, great pictures! I visited Italy a lot when I was young(er) and my favorit place is Lago Maggiore, a beautiful lake with a few small islands in it...whenever you'll find the time, you should go there and visit the small islands won't be sorry! It's around 250km from Verona...

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