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Would you please pray.

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  • Would you please pray.

    I have a prayer request for a finance problem we have. I need to make some phone calls tomorrow to see if we can get some help. Would you please that we will have favor in getting the help. Thanks for the prayers
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    Good thoughts are coming your way.
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      Same here Dan.
      Good Luck

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        you are in my thoughts


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          already sent.........good luck
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            Of course. Prayers are always here for you.



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              We are with you!
              DeWalt 788


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                You pray the way I do, I ask for favor as well. I will pray that God gives you favor with the folks you need to talk to.
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                  Angels are looking out for us always...
                  I remember a Priest saying something about angels having to fight to get to us... It takes time....They've got a lot to get through to get to us....
                  Be patient and know that God loves you...

                  Prayer's sent....

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                    That is so true Jim...but God it Great and in the end he takes care of us....we will pray for you and your family Dan.


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                      You're in my thoughts Dan! Big hugs...

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                        G'Day Dan

                        Good thoughts and prayers from downunder.



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                          Dan, add my wishes to everyone else's for a good outcome to your difficulties.

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                            Prayers are on the way Jim, God will provide.


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                              My prayers are headed your way, may your financial problems be resolved.



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