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winter storm in October

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  • winter storm in October

    I hope all of you that were affected by Saturdays storm are safe and warm.

    We had about 5" of the heavy white stuff, but my daughter and PA son had over a foot. We were without power for 26 hours, so yesterday, my son brought us his spare generator to us from PA, and we figured out how hook the furnace and thermostat up to it. Of course, when the house and got up to 65 degrees again ( about an hour from the 52 it had dropped to), the power came back on. We are seriously looking into a whole house generator now.

    My PA son got his power back early last evening after he got home from our house; my son and daughter-in-law who live a mile away in the same town still have no power; my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter are staying with us until their power comes back on.

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    We were out of power for about 25 hours, from 6PM Saturday to 7PM Sunday. Must've taken about 10 inches of snow (Northern Westchester). Lots of tree damage, but nothing really serious.

    Worst part was no coffee, and no shop! Bit the bullet and went down to the community shop which had power, and went out for coffee. All in all, not bad, but I think we'll pop for a small generator so our food doesn't spoil and I can use my tools.

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      I heard that eastern part of united states got hit hard
      I live in Iowa we need some rain it's real dry here
      the rivers are drying up they look like small streams
      got any pics of the damage
      good luck there
      Dewalt 788


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        I hope all you "back East" got through the weekend snow storm without much troubles. Being without power (when we are used to just flicking a switch) is always hard...but add the cold weather to the mix must have really been hard.


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          It made the T.v News headlines here in England ! Well us Brits are always talking about the weather, That weather system in the Atlantic Ocean of low pressure is heading our way , Bringing Heavy Rain and High Winds on Wednesday , Thursday , Thunderstorms - Welcome to November 2011 - Batten down the hatches . WE had snow in 2008 in Southern England . I bet you want a serious word with Jack Frost!! Woodhants Sam


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            Had 22 inches here in Greenville NH but we only lost power for about 36 hrs. Lots of folks still without. Its' ironic, back in Dec of 2008, we had an ice storm that destroyed 90% of all utility poles in the area. Temps had dropped into single digits with high winds. We were lucky to have power restored after 6 days while other folks went 3+ weeks without power. That storm did such a good job trimming all of our trees, this October storm didn't have too many branches to knock down. As a matter of fact, about 90% of our town got our power back at the same moment... must of been a main junction.
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              Whew! Had about a foot of snow in MA. Lost power for about two days and just got cable and internet access back today. Amazing how spoiled we all are. It sure is great having it all back again.
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                We had about 10" by noon on Saturday and most was gone by dark. Power went out about 4AM and back on about 1:30pm Saturday. Sunday woke up to no phone, what a peaceful morning. Steve
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                  Glad you guys suffered no worse than power outages.
                  Snow is something I've not seen for a long time but maybe this winter, being back in Europe for a whil, I will get my chance. Always looks nice the first time it falls but the aftermath can be long, inconvenient and messy. Fingers crossed that winter doesn't hit so hard this year for you folks in the cooler climes.
                  Jim in Mexico

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                    About an hour from NHokpic and only got about 12" here and luckily no power issues. Did spend quite a bit of time advising several people about generator safety as they had them operating in their garages or directly up against the house. Convenient but also very dangerous because of the fire hazard as well as the carbon monoxide they put out. This was the third worst storm in NH for power outages and it isn't even winter yet, but it's not unheard of to get snow here before Halloween just not this much. I'm hoping an article I read recently that said the years it snowed before Halloween have typically can only hope!!

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                      I have been out of power since last Saturday. We were told it will probably be another five days. It is really cold and dark in the house. 45 degrees. No heat. I am typing this from my iPhone.


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