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Now those are four tomatoe plants !

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  • Now those are four tomatoe plants !

    Frost here tonight,in n. Ga.I thought some one might like to see what four tomato plants can look like ,my garden consisted of 4 Tomato plants 4
    pepper plants ,in four ground you can see 3 the fourth got barried in the
    tomato plant and 2 cucks that passed off! we have had all the tomatoes
    peppers & cucks any body could want ,given away bunches and their still
    loaded ,frost will get them tonight so I be picking and wrapping for fall use
    must be 4 dozen still on the vine and loaded with flowers still.

    Fish fertilizer really works!

    my very best !
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    Wow! Great plants! Nothing beats fresh tomatoes. Green tomato mincemeat is good too!


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      It's funny how those tomatoes are growing sideways.
      Dan in So.Ca.


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        After they hit the roof,they bent over going to the sun ,now they are off the trellis ,retied for support they kept growing the fruit weighed them down
        more wider cloth straping after the third layer they finally got to the concrete
        still flowering still putting out fruit,the main stems our over 3/4 " in dia.
        never had such roaming tomatoes ,they got plenty of water because of thier location ,but I believe all the fish fertilizer was the answer.I am not looking
        forward to thier removal ,because of the massive number of support ties holding them to the trellis.also a pain searching and getting to the fruit in the internal maze.

        been fun to watch though!
        my best! Carl
        "Home Of The Dust Free Scroll Saw"
        Remember (IT is WHAT it IS)( Unless YOU change IT!)


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          Great Tomato vines, Carl, do you can them? My wife cooks them down, puts them in freezer zip lock bags and sticks them in the freezer for future use.She does the same thing with peppers but does not cook them as she cuts them into slices and freezes them raw.



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            We blanch the skin s off freeze quartered ,peppers same as you.
            at first frost maybe tonite .pick all green tissue wrap store in layers should have
            fresh tomatoes till Jan.

            my best !
            "Home Of The Dust Free Scroll Saw"
            Remember (IT is WHAT it IS)( Unless YOU change IT!)


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              Carl, what variety of tomatoes are they? There are a gazillion different varieties out there.
              Don't worry about old age--It doesn't last that long


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                rutgers !

                my best !Carl
                "Home Of The Dust Free Scroll Saw"
                Remember (IT is WHAT it IS)( Unless YOU change IT!)


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                  This time of year always makes me think when we lived in Washington State, about the time the tomatoes would ripen, the cold weather would show up...don't have that problem here in the Islands. Everything grows year round... Nice tomatoes Carl!!


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                    Mine have been gone about a month.
                    Love home grown tomatoes.

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                      Good looking garden there.My porch garden went through Hurricane Irene and still produced a few more maters but nothing like yours,peppers did too but both were leaning quite a bit.


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                        Hi Carl - they are great looking bushes and really have gone rampant. You can't beat the smell and the taste of home grown tomatoes. The mass produced ones in the supermarkets back home in Mexico have just nothing going for them. Home made green tomato chutney is also a pretty good way of finishing up the harvest.

                        Thanks for the photos. Can I sit back up straight now? - LOL!
                        Jim in Mexico

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                        - Albert Einstein


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                          Great tomatoes! Mine were done by the end of Sept.

                          My wife just washes them, cuts them in half, cuts out the stem area and removes any bug damaged or white areas inside, then just cooks them, skin and all with little or no added water. We then bag them for the freezer (quart bags are just right for the two of us) with as little water as possible in the bag, skins, seeds and all. Sometimes, she uses the water as the base for a vegetable soup made that day. Freeze them flat and they take up very little room.

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