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  • Help!!!

    I don't know where to begin. I want to make a picture out of wood. Our new member (Charlie) has the most beautiful portraits in wood. And I want to do one of my late husband. I have never done people (faces) even in intarsia. Even though that is an option I could try. However going from photo to pattern to wood is eluding me. Could some kind soul guide me through this? Pretty please?
    Thank you
    Linda aka Stickers

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    You can start with Scroll Saw Portraits: How to Turn Photographs into Wooden Keepsakes by Gary Browning. It's published by Fox Chapel. There are also some on-line tutorials that I had run into by searching in google.

    Either way, it requires photo manipulation with photo editing software. You basically play with the contrast & brightness of the image to start and then manually draw or remove pieces of the image so that there are no pieces of the picture that are not connected to the others.

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      Thank you so much Dan. Your right I should have just started at the beginning with a how to book. Now that I'm not in such a big panic maybe I can get something done. I don't have the software that you mentioned so I'm going to have figure out something else. But at least I'm moving forward with the first step. I knew that I could count on some good advice.

      Linda aka Stickers


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        If needed, there are a few in here that may be able to either guide you through making a pattern, or even could make the pattern for you while you take your time and carefully learn it. I'm sorry for your loss.
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          Stickers look for my recent posts in the pattern section as I just recently made a wood portrait of my wife from a picture I took you will find a lot of tips in that thread from our fellow scrollers they most certainly helped me out
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            Hey stickers you could try the demo version of Coyote. It wont allow you to save or print but you can see how it would look.
            here is the link the free trial button is on the right.
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