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    After watching a news cast of a contractor that built a house totally built from USA made products. And supplied a list ! I went to my shop and was totally surprised when I could not find 1 USA made product ! When lowes was asked if they would carry these products they said they would special order if need be ! Is'nt it a crying shame we have to special order items made in the USA !!!!
    My shop gets a E- ! What does yours get?
    I understand we have a wide veiwing base here. And I do not mean to offend any of you! I hope you all understand I am not speaking of you or your country. That is unless you are from CHINA!!

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    About the only tool in my shop that is American made is my Delta Unisaw table saw.
    Dan in So.Ca.


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      I think it is a crying shame what this once proud country is coming to be. We wonder why there are no jobs to be had and we have to dial 1 for English. I try to purchase clothes made in the USA, it is almosrt impossible. There is a big box store here in the midwest called Menards. They have a sale every so often of made in the USA products. That is when I shop there. I drive an American made car, Chevy. I imagine most of the electronic parts and probably a lot of other parts on it are made outside the USA. Enuf ranting, I could go on and on.
      Mick, - Delta P-20

      A smile is a small curve that straightens everything out.


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        It sure is a sad thing, that we can't make our own products without charging an arm & a leg for them. Everyone has their own oppinion of why the costs are high for USA products, but, why can't we work at correcting the problem. I just saw an email that was sent to me about Detroit & it's population dropping a tremendous amount over the past few years & most of the population is made up of immigrants. They claim the city has fallen down, buildings empty & deserted for years. When we don't manufacture here, there is no need for the factories. So, where did all those tax dollars go. OUT OF THE USA. Yes, we could go on forever & I have rattled on too much. Maybe someday we will recover. Take Care


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