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  • Quilts::::

    Hi, all. I just decided that my wife gives away all of her quilts that she makes, & I think she should get paid for one some time. What do you people think. If you would be interested just send me an email & I'll get back to you. She really loves making them, so, it probably doesn't matter to her. I just wanted to show you one that she just finished & will give away to a friend. I think they are fantastic. They are all done by hand, no machine. Thanks for listening. This is one queen sized quilt.
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    My wife loves making quilts too. Now she makes baby quilts for Newborns in need. So she can make all the quilts she wants and they go to a good cause.

    Newborns In Need, Inc. | Serving Newborns



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      Nice looking quilt. Our daughter makes the quilts and keeps us in good supply of them as well


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        Wow those are beautiful. Look around and do a little searching on line and see what hand made quilts go for. I've seen them go for over $1000 around here.
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          Perk, those quilts are amazing!!! Especially considering she is doing them ALL by hand with no machine...that is almost a lost art in itself. If you ever convince her to sell some of them, I think she will suprised at how much one would be willing to pay for them. Perhaps if you address it in the manner that if she actually SOLD some of them imagine how much more fabric she could buy ;-)!

          Mike, that is a wonderful program your wife helps out with...a very good suggestion. Over 24 years ago my sister gave birth to a premature baby (5-1/2 months) and one of the things she held on to for years and years was a hand-made knitted cap given to her son...a very special gift indeed!
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            Hey, Oily that's more than I thought. She sure likes making them & does a great job of it too. Not bragging, but, we aren't the only ones that are talented, HA

            Kim, thank you. She made two small baby quilts for her twin Great Grand daughters too. I have to make copies of all of the quilts for an album that she keeps.
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              i also make quilts, they take alot of time, so i agree she should get paid for them.


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