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What a rotten week

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  • What a rotten week

    I'm to the point of what next. The elementary school had a lockdown because of a possible sex offender at the school. A friend of my sons, Mom was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. She's been in the hospital the last 10 days. She's divorced, and even though the father and his family live here in town none would help out. My wife and other people ended up collecting all sorts of things (food, clothing, and what not) and Glenda took Danny to Sioux Falls (2/12 hours away) on Friday so he could spend the weekend with his Mom. Someone else brought them back this AM but had to turn around and take the Mom right back to Sioux Falls. We're still not sure what's going to happen with Danny. At least some of the other class mates parents are helping to take care of him at night.

    And then to cap it all off. Today is Brady's 11th birthday. A half hour before the party, he fell off the trampoline and broke his arm. It is broke in two places. The hospital here can't set it. The hospital in Mitchell (an hour away) and the hospital in Sioux Falls (2 1/2 hours away) can't do anything for him until tomorrow. They emailed the x-rays and info to the ER doctor in Sioux Falls. (Fortunately, he's a pediatric orthopedic surgeon). He's comfortable with waiting until tormorrow and fixing his arm then. His mom got faint in ER when she saw the angle of his arm and they had to take her out for awhile. Poor kid is just bummed, no party, no presents yet and he hurts. I'll admit I'm just a tad frazzled.

    Maybe now that that's off my chest I can focus a little bit better.



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    Dan, I just can't imagine anything else, happening to you. Sorry, to hear all the bad news & hope everyone & everything gets better. Poor Brady is the one who needs a lot of attention & our prayers are with you & all concerned. Take Care & hope things get better.


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      OH! OUCH! What a week! Hope the hospital is keeping your son as pain free as possible, poor kid! He will still turn 11 and he can have his party and cast signing when he feels better.

      Your family is good friends with the other mom. They say friends come into our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime. Some times it feels good to be "a reason". She has a lot on her plate, but she also has you, she's lucky!


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        Dan....Prayers are allready on the way for your son and your son's friends mom. Chin up, it just has to get better....Ron


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          What a week. I am truly blessed. Good thoughts for you and all concerned.
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            Hang in there, Dan. It sounds like everyone who can is pitching in to help. That's a good thing. So sorry about Brady. He'll be fine, I'm sure, but it is so hard to wait in these circumstances. Sending hugs and prayers for everyone.



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              When it rains, it pours.... My thoughts and wishes are with Brady and his friend.

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                Sorry to hhear about your bad week,I hope everything turns out OK.
                I,m intrested to know how Brady got his name.
                Any relatives in CT.
                Good Luck and May God bless.


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                  Thanks everyone. We're home after a long day in Sioux Falls. After seeing the Doctor we were told that they would send the information over to the surgical part of the hospital and we were to walk across the street and go to the information desk. We get there and we're told we are in the wrong part of the hospital. They tried telling us how to get to the surgical part and they ended up getting a security car to drive us around to that part of the hospital (so Brady wouldn't have to walk and hold his arm.) When we get there nobody knows anything about us coming. After a long wait, with Brady wanting to just go home (he gets bored real easy) we finally got it all straightened out. The procedure didn't take that long. It was more waiting than anything. Waiting for them to come get him, waiting while they put the cast on and waiting while he woke up and waiting until they said he could go home. But he's home now with a bright orange cast.

                  He'll have to stay home a few days so hopefully we can get our work schedules rearranged so one of us can be here. On the way home he wanted to stop at Grandmas and get his presents, then he wanted to go to school today. Then he was worried there would be nothing for him to do because he can't ride his bike one handed, or his scooter. Then all he wanted to do was sleep. Then he was worried about walking with me on opening weekend of pheasant season. (that's why he wanted the orange cast). It could be a long 6 weeks.

                  Wjbclocks 1, we have no family that I know of in CT. If I recall correctly when Glenda and I were talking about names she said she wanted a name that you didn't hear very often. So we settled on Brady. We could have named him Surprise. Mostly because he came as a surprise. I was under the impression when I was introduced to my future wife that she couldn't have kids. That was part of the reason we were foster parents for so long.

                  Well, gotta check in at work before everybody wakes up.




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                    Live is a beach.... I am sorry you are having a tough week. I sure hope it improves.
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                      Prayers goin' out to you...
                      Good name, Brady...<smirk>
                      Try to remember that in all of the hardship, something good will come of it...
                      He's always watching...
                      I've seen my share of troubles, and love has never let me down...

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                        Hi Dan - sorry to hear about your bad news but it looks like things are starting to turn around for all concerned. Just hang in there and try to stay positively focussed. Easy to say I know but I'm sure things will turn out much better. Best regards and wishes
                        Jim in Mexico

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