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  • ??????

    This may sound dumb, but how do you pronounce "Intarsia ". I know I am getting Old.
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      Google "intarsia pronunciation" and you will find a link where you can hear the correct way of saying it.

      I think it is latin as I never wondered about the pronunciation, but had it rather correct. Do not think I know latin, but I have a rather good understanding of how to say words in that language.
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        In tar see err

        Seems to work.


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          Is it In-tar-sha ?


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            Intarsia pronunciation: in-tar-see-uh

            As pronounced by a "VT Yankee in TX": in-tar-see-uh - eh


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              Fancy puzzle


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                Try this link. click on the speaker that's between the question mark and the heart to hear the pronunciation.
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                  Some pronunce it different ways. I say in-tar-ja. Some say in-tar-zee-a


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