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Some prayer needed please.

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  • Some prayer needed please.

    Hello everyone
    I have some prayer request. I have a disorder that will require surgery. It called Zenker's Diverticulum. It's a rare disorder (Leave it to me to get one of the rare one's) Simply put it a small pouch in my throat that traps food and some liquid. I've been having a problem for awhile but it gotten worse in the last few months. I had a test done on Tuesday that found the problem now just have to wait to see the doctor to talk about the surgery. Please pray that when the time comes they find the right doctor hopefully that the Navel Hospital in Portsmouth VA and that there wont be long recovery time.
    Second please pray for Evelyn and her job. She has a boss who will lie to make her self look good and others look bad or add more and more work on her them wonder why things are not getting none and not realizing just how much she does in the first place while all along now allowing other people to help because she does not feel they can do it and not allow them to learn. Please pray that her bosses eye will be opened and thing will change and that god will give her guidance on what he want her to do stay or find another job.
    Thanks for the prayers. I'll keep you up to date on things.
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    Dan, I am so sorry to hear of your troubles.

    I'm glad your disorder wasn't so rare that no one could diagnose it. At least now you can get it taken care of and start healing. Even if recovery takes longer than you'd like, the important thing is to get your normal life back.

    And I know the last thing you need now is the additional grief of Evelyn's problems with her boss. It's so sad when people create problems when there is no need. I hope someone helps this misguided and troubled person to see the light. And if not, I hope Evelyn has the courage to get herself out of this toxic environment and find something worthy of her.

    Please know that my thoughts and best wishes are with you both. Please keep us up to date on what's happening.

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      Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

      Dan and Glenda


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        Keeping you and your wife in my thoughts.
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          Our prayers go out to you both!
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            OK, you got it.
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              Hi Dan - Sorry to hear of your illness but glad to know that you got a good diagnosis. Thats an important part of the battle won. Best wishes and thoughts for the surgery.

              Regarding Evelyn. I'd like to think that her boss will change but I doubt it very much. Sometimes maintaining patience, controlling your temper and just getting on with your work are all you can do in these situations but I do agree with Carole, if possible a change of employment would be a better solution for Evelyn if the occasion arises. I hope something better turns up for her in the not too distant future.

              Good luck and best wshes to both of you.
              Jim in Mexico

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                you are both in my thoughts and prayers....




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                  Try to remember that it's always darkest before the dawn.
                  I'll keep you and yours in my prayers...

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                    You both have our prayers!

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                      My thoughts are definitely with both of you. I'm glad you finally got a diagnosis. Not knowing what is wrong creates far more anxiety than the knowing what is wrong and having a solution...even if it does mean surgery.

                      I hope your wife is able to get out of that toxic environment ASAP. Remind her that it is impossible to soar with the eagles when you work with vultures.

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                        Prayers sent.
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                          My heart is with both of you. Take care of yourselves.
                          DeWalt 788


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                            Dan all the very best for the surgery.

                            Evelyn's boss rings some unhappy bells.

                            Good Luck
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                              Best wishes to both of you......prayers sent.
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