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  • Ee, well I nevah!

    Have you ever heard of the phrase popping your clogs which is a colloquial expression on this side of the pond for dying? Ever wondered where it came from? Tonight I heard of a couple of possible origins, both from Lancashire:
    The first one is that the popping refers to sparks from t'iron bits of tha clogs as tha fall over dead on t'way 'ome from t'mill on t'cobbled street.

    The second is that popping is Lancastrian slang for pawning - they're so poor up north that as soon as tha keel over, they'll have t'clogs off tha feet and be away to t'pawn shop afore tha've started cooling...

    I love these sorts of stories ! Any more, anyone?

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    Gill both of those phrases really struck home. I can hear my grandparents voices as I read.
    I was born in Burnley, Lancashire and although most people on this side of the pond associate clogs with the Dutch I know my family were all raised with them.

    Here are some things my grandad said....
    The first part is phonetic because there is most people wouldnt understand it any other way.
    stud up watta.....jello
    Say Nowt abowt Awt to nobdy..... keep yer mouth shut
    Wait till yer skin gets on the outside of this.....enjoy your supper

    I am sure I will remember many more as time passes.

    PS nice reference to the mill
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