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Anyone curious to see how porcelain tableware is made?

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  • Anyone curious to see how porcelain tableware is made?

    I was chatting with my pal JimSawyer a few days back and he expressed interest in seeing some photos of how porcelain ceramics are made in the company where I'm currently working and it occured to me that in over forty years in the business I really haven't got a record of modern day ceramic production anywhere other than in my head.

    Jim suggested that this might be something to post in the Off Topic section for general interest so before launching into what could be a longish set of slides can I float the question 'Is there interest in seeing this info'
    Jim in Mexico

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    You bet. I always watch that show on discovery of how they make different things.
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      Yeah. That would be neat.


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        Are you kidding?!? Post away, we'll gaze on.


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          That would be great Jim. We take most things for granted these days and never give a thought to the manufacturing process. Maybe we'll get to see you at work too or is that a little too far fetched? - Lol
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            sounds like it would be neat to see.


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              Go for it Jim ....... lots of pictures!!



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                <see my sig line>

                Just kidding, of course. I think it would be great. I like those Discovery shows too.
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                  Can anybody ever have too much knowledge?

                  There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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                    Yes by all means Jim, I would really enjoy that.


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                      Please yes, That would be something I really wood enjoy
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                        Are you going to be star..or just the narrator?
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                          Well Jim, I guess you got your answer....

                          Can't wait for the show...!!!

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                            Go for it, Amico!



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                              Waiting for the show.............................................. ....
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