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Owl & the pussycat????

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  • Owl & the pussycat????

    Take a few minutes to watch. Not your typical playmates!
    Cat and owl playing. [VIDEO]
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    Wow - that's amazing. I wonder how long it took him to shoot that film. See - we can all get along. (smile)
    DeWalt 788


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      While I suspect that took a fair amount of time training both animals it was clearly worth the effort. That was wonderful! Thanks for posting.
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        age matters

        They both appear to be quite young and well fed and haven't been corupted by
        lifes experiences .nice to see innocence in action.
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          I knew you were just an old softie Bro
          May the wind at you back .....
          Not be from Lunch.

          Don't take life too seriously; No one gets out alive.

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            Too bad us humans can't get along like that.


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