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Waiting for Paint to Dry....

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  • Waiting for Paint to Dry....

    I am sure most of us have moments like this, you know... you are working away in your shop and have to finish something.... and end up waiting for paint to dry. Somedays I use the time to draw, read the forums or do some other work on the website, return email, clean the office ....

    I wonder how much time I'd be able to give projects if I had a separate area for finishing...

    Does anyone have this????

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    I have a separate area just for painting and I've even taken over another area in the basement for spray painting. But I still end up waiting for paint to dry.

    But I'm one of those folks that when I'm doing something, that's what I'm into. Say, if I'm currently painting something, that's what I'm in the mood to do. I've tried switching from sawing to painting and back again when the paint is drying, but I really have to be in the mood to sit in front of the saw. I almost lopped of dracula's head last night while waiting for paint to dry trying the back and forth thing. It just doesn't work for me.

    I'll stick with my method before I hurt myself.
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      An idea I use for paint and varnish drying chamber. Wally world has these big square clothes covers. You know the ones, two hanger hanging about 2 feet apart and vinyl hanging down on all four sides, and the top and a zipper in front. I reinforce the hangers to take the extra weight and attach 1 byes to the courners with shelves every foot and half attached to the 1 byes. Unzip, place painted items on porcupine shelves, zip up and go on the next project.
      Chuck D

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        great tip Chuck
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          Could you post a picture of it?


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