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  • Need some prayers...

    for my mom-in-law. She's very ill and is in the intensive care now... what started with a routine surgery ended with 2 more surgerys in one week and now we are hoping for a wonder. Hope she's not in pain....

    I'll keep this updated in the next days...

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    Hi Frieda - Bad news is never easy and I'm so sorry for yourself and of course for for Eric and the kids. These situations are always difficult and stressful. I hope things turns around for the best. My thoughts are with the you all. Keep us posted please.
    Jim in Mexico

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      I am sorry to hear about your Mother in law. I will keep her in my prayers that God will heal her and she will have a complete recovery.
      Proud new owner of an EX-21



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        Frieke - my heart is with you! Take care of yourself and your family.
        DeWalt 788


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          Frieke, sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I hope she pulls through successfully, for her sake and yours. Please keep us informed about what is happening, and know that we are all sending good energy your way and hers.

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            Frieke, Our prayers are there for you and family and especially for your mother in law. I'm on way to Church now and will put this on our prayer chain.

            Liberty Twp (Cincinnati), OH

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              Good luck to your MIL! Here's hope for a speedy recovery.
              -- Rick --


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                Freike -- We will keep your mother-i-law in our thoughts & prayers.
                Mtnman Jim

                taking life as it comes and trying to make the best of it


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                  Best wishes for a full and rapid recovery.
                  "Still Montana Mike"

                  "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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                    Sorry to hear the sad news, Frieda. I hope she is in no pain too ! We will keep her & all of the family in our prayers. These times are so very difficult for everyone. Bless you & the Family. Take Care


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                      So sorry Frieke...
                      I'll keep your Mother-in-Law in my prayers....

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                        Our prayers are with you.

                        Dan & Glenda


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                          Prayers already being said out here the desert . . . . God is with her and all of you.
                          I've Got A Lot More To Learn
                          About Leaving Battlegrounds Alone
                          "~~ Molly Venter


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                            Frieke sorry to read about your mother in law.

                            Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and you family.

                            Good luck
                            Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.


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                              Frieke....So sorry for your mother in laws health problems. Prayers are on the way...Ron


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