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Good Riddance Irene!!!

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  • Good Riddance Irene!!!

    So glad she's leaving. I kept thinking back to Isabel and was waiting for the "freight train" to roar through our yard like it did in Isable but it never came. But there are lots of trees down and at the peak 800,000 with no power. We never lost power or trees and there's no water in our basement. I do see that NJ and north are getting the flooding much worse than south. Please stay safe and keep us posted how you are doing. Only 3 more months of hurricane season to go.

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    Glad that Irene's on her way.
    Reminds me of a song the Old Man would sing after a night on the Rantan, "Good Night Irene"
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      I will be cleaning up for days. Thank GOD there was no one hurt and no damage to to my house, cars, or shop. One of my oak trees did land on a neighbors boat house but it appears the building only suffered minor damage. The fun part will be clean up as the bulk of the tree is still 15' in the air.

      Glad you managed the storm OK.
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        JohnB, very poplar song when I was a teenager in 1950.

        Irene good night Irene good night
        Good night Irene Good night Irene
        I'll see you in my dreams

        Glad that it turned out to be not as bad as they predicted for most.
        Mick, - Delta P-20

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          All safe and dry but my daughter(NJ) and eldest son(PA) are without power. He has a generator but she does not want to borrow the one he left with us Saturday morning 'just in case'.

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            We fared well, just a few branches and leaves down, no water in cellar, and did not loose power. My sister, however lost power, and a tree fell in her yard. We are fortunate compared to some........thank God.
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              Lots of green confetti all over the place. We only lost our cable, no tv ,internet or phone, No big deal. Lots of flooding and tree damage around us. We were fortunate
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                All well here too. Just some water in the basement and some leaves and little branches on the ground.

                We did have one scary moment. We had two tornado warnings within about 5 minutes of each other.

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                  Glad that you are all ok and Irenes left. Thankfully she didn't get up to full steam but I see there was loss of life. Our thoughts are with them and thier loved ones.
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                    I have ridden out numerous hurricanes back in the day, glad this one didn't come close to its full potential.


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