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digging fence post holes

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  • digging fence post holes

    One of the pojects i have underway this summer is to put up a picket fence .

    I used a shovel and at times an old drill rod to try and smash and dislodge some of the packed soil .

    The other day I ran into a real tough hole . I thought how easy it would have been to get a machine with an auger to drill the holes .

    I then realized my electric hand drill with a metal drill bit might do the same thing .
    Using a 5/8" x 6" drill bit I poked holes all around the perimeter and center area .

    With the earth loose I shovel it out till the next tough area .

    Water was suggested by my wife , but I thought I'd try this first .

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    Living here on the Island of rock (lava rock) one of the first tools for the yard I bought was a nice smaller Jack Hammer. It has come in so handy around the place. My back will not allow me to use it any longer, but the young men I hire to dig holes for fence posts and flowers, really like using it...sure saves on the digging. I think I found it on Ebay with shipping for about $200...that was 7 years ago.


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      Has anyone ever tried one of those "as seen on TV" augers that you use to plant bulbs etc. It is used with a drill.
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        Rolf, I think I bought one years ago and it ended up in the pile of other things I bought from TV.....If the ground was all top soil it would work....


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          Living here in glacial debris land any hole you try to dig ends up hitting a rock. Rented one of those power augers once and we both got thrown when it hit a rock and the top began to spin when the bit stopped spinning. Went back to the pincer type hole digger.

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