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while fixing garage found posters......

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  • while fixing garage found posters......

    After the chipmunk attack I worked up my courage to go back and continue to work on the garage, this time on the outside. Im planning to cover the outside with wood panel, so I wanted to get rid of some of the uneven stuff that was on the outside.

    The garage is around 90 + years old, the outside has something that looks and feels like roof shingles, but in the pattern of red bricks . I started to tear off some of it just as my wife came by to visit. After tearing off a small corner I notice a bit of cardboard.

    I thought it was just something someone put on to block out the wind, common in those days. I tore a little more off and the cardboard piece turned into poster size around 1x2 feet. So of course I hade to tear more off to uncover it. I didn’t want to take all this stuff off, just cover over it. So the more I tore off the more of the poster I found.

    After taking out all the nail in the poster I got it off and turned it around. It was an advertisement for a wrestling bout. We said well that cool, wonder if there are any more, tore a little more siding off and another poster, tore more off and another poster and another and another…ok ill stop. Found about six posters three were in pretty good shape.

    Im trying to date them,

    I found some of the wrestlers were active from 1910 to 1960 that was no help.
    It lists a phone number to call to buy tickets 26791 or 31931. Don’t know when the last time the phone company used a 6 digit number.

    Ticket price is .75, 1.00 and 1.25, kids .50

    My guess is there around the 30’s or 40’s

    So take a look, any wrestling fans out here…….lol

    BTW digging out some foundation down about two feet found two marbles red and yellow swirls…… I liked these better than the posters.
    Maybe ill just quit my job and excavate my garage and sell all this stuff……lol

    Oh yea another BTW after running extentions cords for a few years to power the garage, im putting in a new service the end of the month.

    dont know where the "bullet holes" came from there not on the original posters.....
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    Pete Ripaldi

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    Hi Pete,

    Maybe I can help.

    That last poster refers to Yvon Robert
    He was born October 8th 1914 in Verdun (South-Ouest of Montreal)
    He started training at the age of 16 and had his first proffessional fight April 9th 1932.

    He won his first World championship July 16th 1936 against Dan O'Mahoney in Montreal. He went on to win 16 AWA World championship during his career.

    That night was the beginning of the golden age of Wrestling in Quebec that lasted till the 60's.

    So I would date that poster between 1932 and 1936


    PS I got the information from the French site of Radio-Canada on the net, I had heard of him as a wrestler and knew he had been popular here. I'm not a wrestling fan myself, although they do put on a good show once in a while.
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      Pretty kewl.

      I love finding old stuff like that. It's like finding buried treasure.

      I figure the bullet holes are from the ghosts you're digging up. Or maybe that chipmunk put a curse on your camera for messing around with his house.
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        I found a clipping regarding a bout including Chuck Montana and Salvatore Balbo (different matches, same bill) dated May 4, 1950 from the Hartford (CT) Courant. The prices are comparable to 1950's admissions for other bouts.
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          Pete, what fun you must have had. that darn drery job turned into a fortune hunt. are you going to save the posters? or laquor them and save them. talking about marbales. i went to the swapmeet awhile back. and i look for cristale and tools. this guy had 2 big boxs of wine decators, which i love to colect. but they were full of old marbales. i didn't wont the marbales, so he said i could poor the marbales out and just buy the decators for $5.00 a piece. he had some really nice cristale ones. one of the bottles was a very old medicine bottle. and the marbales was hard to get out. so he just let me have them. he said he had hundreds of decanters full of marbales. mmmmmmmmm sence then , alot of folks wont the marbales. and i could have had the whole lot for $100.00,. which was , he said over a 100 bottales. now a person of my smarts, just can't understand that many marbales. so i just bought 5. HO HO , what the heck would i do with so many marbales anyway. Now if this don't make sence. then MAY be. i should have bought some for you. Oh its great to be nuts. so here i am with some very nice decators, but only one full of marbales. (Evie)


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            I wonder if Evie is trying to tell us she lost her marbles?

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              1933 works out on a perpetual calendar.

              The other dates fall into place for that too.
              What a cool find.

              Doh I just red Kevins post and the calendar works for 1950 also LMAO
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