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    This is Tony, Sharon's son.First of all, I want to thank all of you that have been helping her in so many ways that you could never understand. Your kind words, your support, and warm wishes are very much appreciated by myself and my mom. She was SO excited when she received your packages in the mail.
    She has recently been ill as I'm sure you all know.A few weeks ago she had some breathing and heart problems that got her a week in ICU. She then came home and all seemed fine for a couple days. Thursday afternoon she was complaining of weakness, pain, and nausea. Now if you couldn't tell, mom's a tough little bean and she deals with pain fairly well but around 2 p.m. she asked me to call an ambulance. She is now, again, in ICU at a local hospital. Apparently the problems were due to the fact that at some point in time her kidneys have stopped functioning. The doctors have had her on a dialysis machine with a catheter in her leg and it seems to be helping quite a bit. They have her scheduled for an MRI as soon as she is more stable.
    Through all of this, one of her first requests was that I contact you guys and let you know what's going on and why she hasn't been on in a while. She misses the board and her friends and hopes to be back home soon. The kidney specialist estimated her time in the hospital to 2-3 more weeks, but she's surprised us all before. So if you would, continue to show your support and keep her in your prayers.Again you have no idea what you mean to her and I thank you all for being there.
    If you have any questions or anything you can contact me at TCNN06 @

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    Thoughts & prayers

    I'm pretty new here and don't know your mother well, but I recall reading about the effort by several members to send her a care package and I thought that was a wonderful testimony to not only the compassion of the folks on this site, but also to the character of your mother, that she would inspire such compassion in relative strangers.

    I hope Sharon bounces back quickly and I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
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      Thank you Tony, Your mom is such a part of our family here and I can let you know that she is in all our thoughts and prayers.
      If there is anything either of you need just let us know.
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        Sharon is a lovely lady and it's heart-breaking that she's having to endure these health problems. Thank you ever so much for telling us what's happening - it's reassuring to know that she's being looked after properly.

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          She is definetly a part of this family and will very much be in our prayers .
          Hope she gets better soon .

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            thanks for the update, she is in my prayers as well.....pete
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              Thank you Tony for the update.
              Please pass along my best wishes as well.
              Let her know we all miss her very much.
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                Tony, my heart is breaking. we do love Sharon , so much. can she have flowers, and cards in her room. and if so, can you pm me on how to send some. I am in pretty tight with a man upstairs. so i will put on my best humbale face, neel down, and ask for his help, if any one hear would like to join me in a prayr. just hold hands now....<<<<<<<<<<Evies hands out. (place yours hear) >>>>>>>>>> Now say your best preayer.(where there is 2 or more gattered,) send her all are love...... your friend Evie


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                  Thank-you for the update.

                  Not having heard from her, I was going to try and call her to see if she was ok. It saddens me very much to find out she isn't.

                  It would be nice if you could print this thread and bring it to her, might perk her up :

                  We love you and miss you. Please get well soon!
                  (we want to see what you're going to do to those boards)

                  My prayers are with you.

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                    Hang in there Sharon! Our prayers are all with and for you, hurry home........

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                      Love and strength to you dear lady
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                        Sending hugs and get well REALLY quick thoughts your way.

                        Hope you'll be back to feeling better in no time.
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                          Sharon, I'm praying for you.

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                            Tony please tell your Mom she is in mine and my Wifes prayers she is deeply thought of by all of us here is there a chance of someone placing her address so that we can send cards?
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                              Thanks for the update, Tony.

                              Tell Sharon I'm thinking of her and send my very best prayers and wishes for her recovery.
                              Cheers. Teresa .


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